Dallas Hands-on Science Boot Camp – Teachers Want to Create Science Experiences

Our workshop team always enjoys a trip to Dallas… especially when the workshop is at the Gaylord Texan. By now you’d think that the hotel would understand that velvet table cloths and brightly colored liquids probably are not a good mix. Nearly 250 teachers attended the Dallas Hands-on Science Boot Camp ranging from early childhood through high school (but the vast majority of teachers fell into the pre-K through 5th grade range). Before the workshop starts, I make it a point to talk to as many participants as possible and ask them what they expect to take away from the workshop. The Dallas teachers shared a common response… “I want to find ways to get my kids excited about science and engaged in their own learning.”

Shanna Morris from Little Elm, Texas attended the workshop because she wanted to find a way to make teaching science more fun for herself. “After 22 years in the classroom, I want to find a way to re-ignite my own spark for teaching science. If I’m having fun and learning, I believe that it will rub off on the kids. Besides, three teachers from my school came to your workshop last year and I want to find out why the kids are always laughing in their classroom!”

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  1. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    The Bootcamp in Dallas was amazing! We took your experiment and lesson about inertia and did a two week lesson with our 5th grade science club! Our finale was to video tape our kids doing the table cloth trick for our weekly science minute video that we air on our school news each morning. The kids had a blast! We invited our Assistant principal and instructinal specialist to be our “guests” at our dinner and then pulled the cloth out from under their dinner. They were very impressed. We later video taped the kids explaining the reason behind the table cloth demonstration and their explanations were so impressive. Thank you for providing us with engaging activities that create a huge interest in science! The kids can’t wait to come to science club to see what they will learn next!!

  2. Glinda Hagood
    Glinda Hagood says:

    I am part of the pink team 🙂
    We had a great time!
    We learned and experienced a great deal. As K-2 teachers we were not trained very much in science. We all find it very exciting. Steve Spangler and company helps us be better teachers and we are all thankful!

  3. Education Jobs Blogger
    Education Jobs Blogger says:

    You guys seem to have loads of fun on this Science Boot Camp.

    “If I’m having fun and learning, I believe that it will rub off on the kids.” This would be an ideal scenario for every science teacher which is sometimes boring from a student’s point of view.


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