Science in the Rockies – It's a Wrap

Tesla Vandegraff Electricity Science in the Rockies Steve Spangler ScienceOur final day of activities began with a television appearance on the local Denver NBC affiliate. We also used a barbie doll to demonstrate an electricity loop and found iron in our cereal. We also enjoyed a demonstration by the always entertaining Doug Hodous.

As Science in the Rockies 2010 draws to a close, we’d like to thank all of the teachers who made the trek to Denver. You make science a priority and understand the need for it in the classroom and curriculum. We hope you learned a lot and will take a lot of fun demos and lessons back into your classrooms. If you attended Science in the Rockies this year or a previous year, please leave us a comment below with feedback, comments or how you bring science to your students.

We will be making an announcement about Science in the Rockies 2011 as well as another learning road trip soon. Don’t forget I will be in Orlando, Tampa, San Antonio, Dallas, Los Angeles and Houston this fall with the 2010 Fall Boot Camp tour, a one-day hands-on science boot camp for teachers.

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