Mentos Slow Motion Video

If you’ve ever enjoyed wearing a bottle of Diet Coke after dropping in a roll of Mentos, you know that the reaction is immediate. I’ve always thought that it would be cool if you could slow everything down and really look at the reaction. I shared the idea with our friends at Mentos and they shot this slow motion video. There are a few frames where you can see the carbon dioxide gas coming out of solution being attracted to the tiny pits (nucleation sites) on the surface of the mint. For the tech-nerds in the audience, a Phantom 9.0 high-speed digital camera from Vision Research (2,000 frames per second) captured the slow-motion footage.

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  1. Mina
    Mina says:

    Cool video. Talk about explosions! The way it was shot is very artsy and I’m digging the background music-totally fitting. 😉

    I wouldn’t mind sharing this on my site. Are permissions needed? I would definitely credit your name regarding the suggestion to Mentos. 🙂

  2. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    I saw that the soda was blue, did you use regular dye, I thought about dying mine, but was afraid the dye would conflict the experiment. Look cool 😀


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