Fall Hands-on Science Secrets Boot Camp Tour Off to a Great Start

Fall Boot CampOur Fall Boot Camp Tour kicked off September 23rd in Grand Rapids, MI, with a second stop just two days later in Chicago, IL… and it was a blast!  What an enthusiastic group of teachers awaited us in both cities.  I love the Windbag demonstration because who wouldn’t want to make a paying customer look silly up on stage?  Our teacher volunteer was a great sport and we had a fun Windbag Challenge before discussing the properties of Bernoulli’s Principle.  Our teachers picked up very quickly on my hex nut drop and didn’t even seem to mind the “music” created by the Screaming Balloons.  It was a great day and an awesome opportunity to meet some of the amazing teachers who are bringing science to their classrooms.

Chicago was equally amazing… especially with our Egg Drop demonstration.  I had a fun volunteer, who did a great job getting those eggs in the cups on the very first try!

Check out these videos of our Grand Rapids and Chicago Boot Camps to see what you’ve been missing.  If you attended one of the workshops, I’d love to hear your comments on how you are using some of the demonstrations and strategies in your classrooms.

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