Someone Broke Into the School Last Night…

… but nothing was stolen or broken or vandalized… unless you consider turning everything green an act of vandalism. It all makes sense when you remember the date – March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day. That “someone” was either a Leprechaun or a teacher with a very funny sense of humor. Sure, there was the usual St. Patrick’s Day stuff like coloring the water in all of the toilets green, rearranging furniture and other general mischief things, but this person went the extra mile. The water coming out of the sink faucets was green!

The first person to discover this was a second grade teacher who always arrives early and has taken it upon herself to start the coffee brewing. When she turned on the water this morning to fill the coffee pot, the water came out of the faucet green. No kidding. News about the green water spread like wildfire as teachers throughout the school tested each faucet. Just how did someone turn the water green… and who’s responsible for the greatest St. Patrick’s Day stunt ever pulled off at this school (maybe any school)?

Leprechaun Green WaterTurning the water green is easy (if you know the secret) and doesn’t cause any damage to anything… other than to drive everyone crazy trying to figure out how to do it. Last year, Leprechauns turned the water green at our house and my three boys will never forget the experience.

But this blog post is not about the green water… it’s about a school filled with wonder and laughter long before the first child stepped through the front door. One of the teachers (maybe more) took the initiative to come in over the weekend and rig up all of the sinks, just for the joy of doing it! Since the person (or Leprechaun) didn’t reveal his or her identity, everyone was talking to anyone who thought they had some inside information. By the time the kids gathered up their St. Patrick’s Day treats and headed out to the buses, absolutely everyone person in the school knew about the green water. In fact, the embellishments to the story grew by the hour. Who knows what those kids told their parents… other than to say what fun everyone had at school today. And no one is certain who to blame for all of the laughter and smiles on this St. Patrick’s Day at Wilder Elementary. I wonder what those Leprechauns have in store for next year. Okay, enough is enough… who did it?

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  1. The "Leprechaun"
    The "Leprechaun" says:

    Haha! This was way too much fun! I do have to admit that it gave me a certain smile to know that Mrs. Metzler would be the early bird making the coffee this morning… if only I had managed to get up early enough to SEE the look on her face 🙂 That would have been quite fun for me!

    Let’s just say that next year the bar has been raised and green will once again decend upon Wilder!! Stocking up on color tablets is a must!!


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