We Hit the Target with Science

Maybe I should say we hit all of the Targets with our new science products. If you stroll through the toy isles at Target stores, you might stumble across some old Steve Spangler Science classics along with a few brand new science kits. All of these kits are part of our product license agreement with Be Amazing Toys, a Salt Lake City company specializing in hands-on science kits and toys for children who want to learn how to do something amazing. On the shelves at Target you’ll find Blizzard in a Bucket, Fun-damental Science, Water Wizardry, Fire and Ice Mountain, Jungle Quicksand, Insta-Worms, Morphin’ Gators, F/X Snow, Terrific Twisters and the best selling Test Tube Wonders. Thanks to everyone who emailed when they saw our creations at their local Target store.

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  1. Sheila
    Sheila says:

    I started home schooling my kids and this site has been invaluable to me! I love this site. It has my kids loving science. My daughter was going to 4th grade and has never really thought about science. My son had one teacher who taught them things in science that they will remember, he is in 6th grade. Now they both have a new love for science. It only needed to be introduced in a manner they would enjoy. My kids tell everybody about science now.


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