Science in a Microwave Oven

The words “science experiment” and “microwave oven” don’t necessarily go hand in hand… unless you’re trying to do something amazing. As I was preparing for my Monday morning science segment on [KUSA-TV 9NEWS], I remembered an experiment using a bar of Ivory Soap (you know… the soap that floats) and a microwave oven. It’s the great Soap Cloud experiment where a bar of soap grows to an enormous size when you cook it in the microwave. Actually, you get a 2 for 1 experiment here because in order to understand how the growing soap trick works, you need to know that Ivory Soap is the “soap that floats”. Hmmm, floating soap, tiny pockets of air and heat sound like the perfect combo to me!

If you have Windows Media Player, take a look at the Soap in the Microwave Video.

And remember the science experimenter’s oath: Never do things like this at home… do them at a friend’s home.

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