Bubble Wrap Winner – Grayson Rosenberger

graysonrosenberger.jpegCynthia Palmer, a very dynamic 5th grade science teacher from Franklin Road Academy, called this morning to share the great news. Her student, Grayson Rosenberger, just won the Bubble Wrap® Competition for Young Inventors. Mrs. Palmer first learned about the contest from our blog post on September 14, 2006. The Bubble Wrap Competition for Young Inventors invited young scientists to exercise their creativity in developing an invention that incorporates Bubble Wrap cushioning.

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During our phone call this morning, Cynthia Palmer said, “We’ve got the Today Show here… lots of people are calling… and we’re so proud and excited. Grayson not only won a contest, but he came up with something that will change people’s lives. Who says having fun is not important?!”

The 15-year-old student from Franklin Road Academy in Nashville, Tennessee used Bubble Wrap brand packing material to develop a cost-effective cosmetic skin covering for prosthetic limbs. Later this year, Grayson will visit Ghana with his parents to fit some patients with his low-cost invention.

Grayson received $10,000 in savings bonds as well as a trip to New York, where the Grand Prize Winner will be announced on Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day – January 29, 2007. If you’re science teacher, you should be arguing that Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day be turned into a holiday.

Grayson’s mother, Gracie Rosenberger, lost her legs as the result of injuries suffered in a 1983 traffic accident. Instead of allowing that to defeat her, she and husband Peter founded Standing With Hope, a ministry that reaches out in music and prayer to amputees. They recently expanded outside the U.S. to a clinic in Ghana, where prosthetic legs are custom-built for the poor.

You can listen to my interview with Grayson by clicking on the link below or read the story at the tennessean.com.

Listen to the Interview

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  1. Cynthia Palmer
    Cynthia Palmer says:

    I enjoyed speaking with you today to let you know that Grayson won the Bubblewrap Contest. I was part of last year’s Summer in the Rockies and I go to your site often to get FUN ideas. This one really sounded like fun and I presented it to the entire middle school(5-8).

    Grayson not only won a contest, but he came up with something that will change people’s lives. Who says having fun is not important?!


  2. Jordan
    Jordan says:

    I wasnt sure if Greyson looked at these blogs, but if by chance he catches this… Greyson, please contact me at [email protected]. I’m 15 and my dad works at a company called Cure. they build childrens hospitals. please email me.


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