Lab Supplies from Steve Spangler Science

Keep your young scientist supplied with high-quality science lab supplies from Steve Spangler Science. Whether you’re looking for equipment and storage receptacles or racks and refills for our classroom kit science experiment items, we have what you’re looking for — all at great prices!

Science Lab Supply Items, Activities and Products

For over 25 years, Steve Spangler Science has been a go-to for science experiment ideas, science kits and all-around inspiring fun with one goal: to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Along with our science-based activities, products and experiments, we offer a comprehensive selection of science lab supplies that will keep your home ready for all of the future experiments that will be conducted under your roof. After-school activities, classroom activities, STEM club activities: Our collection of science lab supply products will keep you full of ideas and products that will provide endless hours of fun for your young scientist.

  • Color Fizzing TabletsColor Fizzing Tablets

    Color Fizzing Tablets 300-pack

  • Tornado TubeTornado Tube

    Tornado Tube Science Experiment

  • Heat Sensitive PaperHeat Sensitive Paper

    Heat Sensitive Paper

  • Film Canisters

    Film Canisters – (15 pack)

  • Energy Stick

    Energy Stick®

  • Mini-Mixing Trays (24 Wells)Mini-Mixing Trays (24 Wells)

    Mini-Mixing Trays (24 Wells)

  • Clear Safety GlassesClear Safety Glasses

    Clear Safety Glasses

  • 1 Liter Bottles

    Bottles – 1 liter

  • Baby Soda Bottle - Test Tube RackBaby Soda Bottle - Test Tube Rack

    Large Plastic Test Tubes Rack

  • Color Fizzing TabletsColor Fizzing Tablets

    Color Fizzing Tablets 100-Pack

  • Pearl Swirl Rheoscopic ConcentratePearl Swirl Rheoscopic Concentrate

    Pearl Swirl Rheoscopic Concentrate

  • Bubble GlovesBubble Gloves

    Bubble Gloves

  • Graduated Cylinder 500mlGraduated Cylinder 500ml

    Graduated Cylinders

  • Baby Soda Bottles Test Tubes & RackBaby Soda Bottles Test Tubes & Rack

    Large Plastic Test Tubes with Rack

  • Bubbling ConcoctionsTest Tubes - Baby Soda Bottles

    Large Plastic Test Tubes with Caps


Lab Supplies of All Kinds

From test tube science lab supplies and eyedroppers to safety glasses and experiment bottles for some of our most popular science experiments, you’ll find a great selection of lab supply items here at Steve Spangler Science. Use with some of our most popular science kits, bundles and online science fair experiments or use your imagination to create your own fun. Kids of all ages will benefit from our science lab supply items available in this section of our website.

Steve Spangler Science: 25 Years of Science Fun

At Steve Spangler Science, our goal is to inspire kids of all ages with ideas, products and experiments that will get them excited about STEM. Whether you’re shopping science lab supplies or one of our over 350 products created by our top team of educators, scientists and engineers, Steve Spangler Science remains one of the largest and most respected online resources for parents and educators. Visit our science fair ideas, our science kits, bundles and other deals here on our website. You’re sure to find something that will inspire, amaze and create wonder!