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  • Color Fizzers - True Color Tablets

Color Fizzers - Fizzing Coloring Tablets

Quick Overview

Fizzing tub tint tablets for true color mixing

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For a long time, food coloring was the only way to color liquids, but food coloring stains very easily. Steve Spangler set out to find an alternative to food coloring and found Color Fizzers. These True Color Tablets are tiny, the size of a small candy, but can color up to 1 liter of water. Fizzers, when dropped into water and other liquids, dissolve and add vivid colors to the liquids.

What colors are available? Fizzers come in the three primary colors: blue, red, and yellow. When you want even more colors, though, all you need to do is mix two tablets together! Red and blue tablets? You'll get a purple liquid. Yellow and blue? You'll have a green liquid on your hands. The possibilities are genuinely endless. Mix, match, and mix some more with Color Fizzers - True Color Tablets. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

What's Included?

  • 1 package of 100 Color Fizzer tablets in red, yellow and blue

How Does It Work?

These color mixing tablets are perfect for color mixing. They won't stain hands or surfaces and come in the three primary colors, which can be mixed to get a rainbow of new colors.

What Does It Teach?

Help kids understand the fun that awaits when discovery the science of color!

Additional Information

Product FAQ
  • Are they non-toxic?
    They are entirely non-toxic. However, non-toxic does not mean they are a tasty snack, trust us, we have tried. If you don’t believe us, just call and ask for Harmony...
  • Do they stain?
    Nope! They are specifically designed to not stain. That’s just one of the many awesome things about them.
  • Can I use them for Easter Eggs?
    No, they are designed to color different types of liquids and don’t pack the power to stain objects such as Easter Eggs.
  • What colors are in the package?
    A pack holds the three primary colors, which makes it perfect for color mixing!

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  1. Great for science night review by Clj on 3/13/2015

    I used these tablets and some 24-well trays as a color-mixing station at our elementary school science night, and it was a big hit.

  2. Question review by Alicia on 5/21/2013

    These look like they would be good to color Easter Eggs. Perfect because it does not stain. Would this work?

    Alicia -
    That's, actually, exactly why these DO NOT stain. When you are coloring Easter eggs, you are staining the enamel. Great question, though.
    --- Steve Spangler Science Web Team

  3. short but sweet review by Katie on 5/4/2013

    I ordered the color fizzers to color the water in our sinks & toilets as a St. Patrick's day trick for my kids & husband. Overall, I liked the product - it was easy to do, and the color was vibrant. However, the color didn't last very long at all - one or two seconds in the bathroom sinks, and one flush in the toilet. For some reason the kitchen sink stayed green for over 30 seconds. My husband was very confused, and my kids were thrilled! So, overall, it's a great product for a great price, I just wish it had lasted a few minutes instead of a few seconds.

  4. fizzers review by kathryn h. on 3/14/2013

    these fizzers are really great when you want to color your experiment i also like how it is non toxic!;)

  5. COLOR MIXING PRE-K review by MARY Y. on 3/1/2013


  6. So many uses -- so fun review by Brownie Leader/Class Mom on 1/26/2013

    We used these to make lava lamps in the test tubes -- huge hit for 3rd and 5th graders. We used the green ones to make Leprechaun water coming out of the faucet to trick daddy. My Brownies used them to demonstrate what happens when you mix colors, and which colors mix to make brown. Possibilities are endless with these. Always good to have a pack on hand I think.

  7. Great Mixing colors! review by Kim on 12/14/2012

    I bought this for my sons Pre-K class, and they really enjoyed mixing all of the colors to make different ones. It was fun!

  8. Oil and Water review by Meghan on 10/28/2012

    I love these things! I use them for teaching about oil spills. We make lava lamps in a baby soda bottle test tube and my students can see that the colored water does not mix with the oil! BRILLIANT! Then we have a lesson about oil spills and clean up.

  9. Fizzer tablets review by Chris White on 9/16/2012

    I work in a preschool classroom and we love fizzer tablets. We use fizzer tablets to color snow, jelly marbles, jelly cubes, and giant jelly marbles. The kids love watching the water change color and the best part of the tablets is they do not stain. Love the instant reaction. We also color jelly crystals and make a jelly crystal tower. My classroom would not be the same without our fizzer tablets. Great way to teach kids about color mixing. Great product.

  10. Amazed Kids review by Twyla on 8/7/2012

    It was a spectacular feat of magic that left them awed with eyes big as saucers, when green water spewed from the faucet, and it wasn't the only magic on St. Pat's Day. They were served milk that changed to green right before their eyes and there was green leprechaun urine in the toilets. Thanks for helping create an awesome day for my great-grandkids. I don't think they will soon forget it.

  11. Color changing tablets review by Arlys Cupp on 6/23/2012

    I have used the tablets for several years and wanted my student-teacher to have some to use as he had a gift to teach science. He did several of the test tube adventures with my students and was excited about all that he could do with the tablets.

  12. Great for Leprechaun Traps review by Lin Mohler on 5/17/2012

    We had great success building the leprechaun trap you described on your website and using the green tablets as part of this.

  13. Color Tabs review by Denise Goodman on 5/6/2012


  14. Awesome Color review by Judy A on 4/28/2012

    These tablets were a huge part of a summer enrichment class that I taught. The students used them in their volcano lava, color experiments, bath salts and soaps. The colors were vibrant and mixed well with each other, and hands and clothing were not stained.

  15. These are the best! review by Clare on 3/2/2012

    My kids absolutely LOVE these. We will definitely be stocking up on them. The colors are so bright and clear. They are great for color mixing and we used them to color the jelly marbles. My 2 year old did try to eat one of the blue ones but it only slightly stained his face until bath time.
    I would highly recommend these to anyone with kids and we will be buying in bulk in the future.

  16. color tablets review by klh on 1/24/2012

    We were making Lava Lamps and color tabs were OK with the fizzy part and did a good job with the color. When we added a quarter of alkerselzer type product, that we things really took off.

  17. Great Learning Experience review by Chris Butler on 12/10/2011

    I am a preschool teacher that teaches ages 3-5. I purchased these fizzing color tablets with the small mixing trays sold on the website. I found that this is an easy, effective way for teachers to make color mixing a real every day experience for young children. I believe that real experiences is key to good teaching. Especially in early childhood when information is best retained when something is in the child's hands. These products have made that possible. I also like how this product does not stain. I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

  18. EASY and fun colors! review by Cheryl Mosier on 10/28/2011

    Every time I place an order - I add on another pack of color tablets. My 7 year old son LOVES to make his bath different colors and they help to reinforce color mixing each time.

  19. Fun Fizzers review by Nathan Carlson on 8/30/2011

    I like these way better then food coloring! A lot less mess.
    They work quick and can jazz up many of your experiments.

  20. great for a group review by lisa on 7/10/2011

    We use these to do color mixing experiments with field trips of preschool and kinder kids. We match them with the jelly crystals and after they have "invented" their own color, they put it on some crystals which become the new color and grow. The kids love to take home crystals in their own color.

  21. Lots of fun review by Sam on 6/13/2011

    My eight year olds love this kit. The jelly marbles are so cool. We put some in clear water and asked unsuspecting friends to put their hands in the water. They were surprised to find it filled with jelly marbles, which feel cool. We now are in the process of watching them get smaller out of the water. (A very long kitchen counter experiment). We tried the jelly marbles in colored water too as well as with Glow. The color fizzies are fun to watch dissolve in water and color it.

  22. Great for parties review by Amber on 6/2/2011

    We got GREAT use out of these for my son's 8th birthday party! There were 10 kids and to see their eyes light up was priceless!

  23. Dissolve quick review by Amanda on 4/5/2011

    These are amazing! Students love to watch them fizz and dissolve. Great color!

  24. Colored water made easy review by Mitchell N. on 2/17/2011

    These make coloring water a breeze. They dissolve quickly and there is no chance of getting the color on you like when using food coloring. I even mixed two or three tablets together of the same color to make the color darker.

  25. Coloring tablets review by Barbara on 1/20/2011

    These were awesome and fun to use. They dissolved fairly quickly so we were ready for our experiments. We used them for all our experiments :)

  26. Awesome review by Sandi on 11/26/2010

    I put tablets into our sinks as well as the toilet tanks. The kids were so surprised. Thanks for coming up with such an easy project for St. Patty's Day

  27. Fun, but a little one sided review by Emilie Martin on 10/16/2010

    I enjoyed these quite a bit, as did the children, but with a moderate dissolve time, the applications seem somewhat limited. The tie-dye effect of more than one tab during the first few moments of dissolution is really fun, and working to make specific colors through combination is also good, but for 8-10 year old children, the novelty does wear off fairly quickly.

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