Safe Science: Steve Spangler Science Protective Eyewear

Have you been to a Steve Spangler Science show? Have you performed any experiments from our online science experiment library? Anyone who has any experience with our experiments knows that they are oozing with that signature Steve Spangler Science WOW factor! As you know, we like to make our experiments BIG! This often translates into explosions, geysers and other fun and unexpected outcomes. Although these are great, we always stress that it’s important to stay safe and practice safe science, which is why during many of our experiments we insist that participants wear safety glasses.

Safety Glasses at Steve Spangler Science

Our safety glasses and protective eyewear selections are chosen by our team of expert scientists and educators for their great looks, their comfort and their effectiveness in protecting those peepers from any flying objects or explosions that may or may not occur during your Steve Spangler Science experiment. Our comfortable assortment of safety glasses is just the right size for smaller faces, so they are ideal to add to your elementary students’ science classroom. From our Flying Toilet Paper experiment and our Flying Tea Rocket experiment to our Homemade Geyser Tube and our popular Pop Your Top activity, you’ll find many, many uses for our protective eyewear in your home, classroom or STEM club.

Online Science Products and Experiments for Kids

Don’t miss all of the exciting opportunities to don these safety glasses. Shop all of our products and experiments, each developed by our leading team of educators, scientists and engineers to bring that Steve Spangler Science WOW factor into your home or classroom. From physics experiments to biology and chemistry experiments, we have the exciting, hands-on and age-appropriate products that will get your kids excited about science.

Decades of Science Fun

You may have seen Steve Spangler Science on the Ellen DeGeneres Show or during one of our traveling science shows at your local elementary school. For almost three decades, we’ve been operating with the goal to inspire and excite the next generation of STEMologists. Shop our online store and explore all of what our products have to offer your homeschool science curriculum, your in-class science room or your STEM club activity needs. We have great ideas for after-school activities as well as summer slump activities that will really get their minds working!