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Energy Stick™

Quick Overview

Use the Energy Stick™ to turn your body into a human conductor of electricity. Recipient of a new Guinness World Record and Best Toy at the New York Toy Fair 2015.

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The Energy Stick is the newest tool in experimenting with open and closed circuits. Completely safe to touch and handle, the Energy Stick features electrodes on each end of its 7.5" long tube. When these electrodes are touched simultaneously, long-lasting LED lights inside the tube flash and the tube makes a noise. Release one or both of the electrodes and the flashing lights and noise stop. Do it over and over again... it works every time!

That's awesome, but did you know that you can do the same thing with an entire circle of people? It's true! Gather up an entire class, youth group, or party to hold hands in a circle. Have one participant hold one electrode and the person next to him or her hold the other electrode. If everyone in the circle is holding hands, the Energy Stick will do its magic. But as soon as someone breaks the circle it will stop. How many people can you get to complete the circuit?

The Energy Stick looks like a toy, works using science, and makes the perfect tool for connecting scientists, students, or even employees. Implement the Energy Stick in teaching about circuits, encouraging teamwork, or forming a community… the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Also available in a 4-pack!

What's Included?

  • Energy Stick
    • 7.5" long
    • 1.25" diameter

What Does It Teach?

The Energy Stick is a great toy to explore the science of electricity and circuits. The Energy Stick's sensing circuit is so sensitive that it can detect even a very small amount of electricity that travels across your skin! It's completely safe, and it's a totally cool way to learn about conductors of electricity. Put one hand on the top and the other on the bottom of the Energy Stick and the flashing lights and sound maker let you know that you've completed the circuit. Try it with friends! Invite everyone to join in the fun by holding hands and forming a large circle to test their conductivity. The Energy Stick is a great visual aid and hands-on science tool that teaches young scientists about open and closed circuits as well as conductors and insulators.

Science Fair Connection

While creating a circuit using the Energy Stick is a cool and fun demonstration, it isn't a science fair project. However, by adding a variable, or something that changes with each experiment, you can easily make the Energy Stick into a centerpiece of your next science fair project!

Try using the Energy Stick as a tester of conductors and insulators. How? Cover the electrodes with different materials and then grip the material. You might be surprised at some of the materials that you test! That's just one example of a variable that can be used to create an Energy Stick-themed science fair project, but we're sure you can think of more. Get creative!

Additional Information

Product FAQ
  • Are the batteries replaceable?
    No, the batteries are not replaceble.

 Energy Stick™ is a trademarke of Steve Spangler Science.

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  1. Great review by Bob on 2/23/2016

    This is a very cool product. I highly recommend.

  2. Great tool! review by Science teacher on 10/3/2014

    I teach fourth grade, and my students love this device! We can discuss conductors/insulators, complete circuits,

  3. Fun for all ages review by Heather on 1/17/2014

    My three kids, ages 11, 8 and 3 were fascinated by this toy. They worked together to see what would conduct and make it light up. They even noted that some things worked better than others, louder or softer, more light. Great way to explore circuits.

  4. Epic toy! review by ??? on 12/27/2013

    Works great! Tried it around the house: found out what was a conductor and what was not. Hours of fun. Super cool toy.

  5. Amazes Young and Old review by Suzanne Schlechte on 6/18/2013

    I bought this with the intention of providing new experiences and amazing my daycare children, however this little device amazes both young and old! My grandchildren love showing people how it works and so do I. So glad I bought it!

  6. It's kind of annoying review by kyra on 5/17/2013

    It's really fun to play with for a little while, but the sound it makes is like nails on a chalkboard!

  7. Energy stick review by Eddie H. on 4/24/2013

    My students and I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about circuits with an exciting, colorful energy stick! There are many ways to show the kiddoes how important correct connections are to circuits. I do wish it had some form of battery or it could be recharged.

  8. Great Fun for 5th Grade Science Class review by ClassMom on 3/2/2013

    With only a half-hour to throw a Valentine's Party, this was an ideal quick experiment. They are studying electricity, so this was perfect and fit well into their current lesson plan. In honor of Valentine's Day, we tested everybody to see how "electric" their personalities were. We started out with 2 kids and demonstrated the open/closed circuit. Then we kept adding a couple kids, until we had the entire class of 20 and the closed circuit was still working! Then, we broke the circuit and had 2 kids place their fingers into the same pan of water and closed the circuit again. This prompted a short discussion of whether it was a parallel or series circuit. Big hit with the kids, and the teacher loved it also.

  9. Energy Stick review by Teri West on 1/5/2013

    I love it and so does my class.

  10. Bright and Fun review by Shari on 12/19/2012

    We have used smaller toys to show circuits before, but everyone loved this one more as it was so bright and showy. The fact that it is clear makes the electrical circuit more transparent as well.

  11. Shake Hands? review by Batya Weisskoff on 11/7/2012

    I used my energy stick both at a parent meeting and with my kids at the beginning of the year. I offered the stick to them as a way to "shake hands" and when it didn't light up, I looked quizzical and then asked them to shake my other hand while we still held the energy stick. Of course that completed the circuit and it lit up. Lots of fun, as well as a good intro to circuits.

  12. Love this! review by Mom of 2 Boys on 10/22/2012

    This little gadget is one you must have! My son got it for Christmas. He turns 8 soon and is having a Mad Scientist party. We are going to use this in a game (with kids and the adults) to see how many people we can use to complete the circuit and still have it work. It will be a fun way to get the parents involved with the kids. We've been fiddling with it a lot already and it is very fun/interesting/educational.

  13. Love the Energy Stick review by Misty on 10/4/2012

    I recently attended Girl Scout Training and the Trainer had an energy stick and it was a great way to get everyone talking. My Scouts are working on a Journey about energy and how to conserve it an look for better ways of using it. The energy stick is a very fun, educational tool!

  14. Energy Sticks review by Frank on 9/6/2012

    The kids love them.

  15. They GOT it! review by E Hite on 7/30/2012

    It only took about a minute for a small group of our 6th graders to complete the circuit and stop all other centers so that all could have the opportunity to play. The entire class completed the circuit and when someone would let go - (a sneaky trick)- the "circuit breaker" was located. The sound and lights also excited our 5th and 7th graders who could hear the sound from the hallway and wanted to see.
    This is just one of the many fun activities we have had thanks to Steve Spangler!!! Yea!

  16. Got the point across review by Cyndy Vilke on 7/7/2012

    My 3rd graders got the concept of building a circuit and that it must be a loop thanks to this and the energy balls. They thought it was the coolest thing to have the flow go thru them.

  17. My Students really made a "Connection"! review by Kathy B. Fulmer on 5/29/2012

    Your energy stick has been an amazing hit at our Elementary School. My 3rd grade students were studying conductors and insulators. We sat in a circle making a whole class connection. Then we tested various materials by two students taking hold of a wooden ruler, a pencil, a book, an aluminum can, and inserting their fingers in a bowl of water. The students really grasped the concept!

    It has since been used by our 4th grade team studying closed and open circuits.

  18. Conductor or Insulator review by Margarita on 5/12/2012

    My students LOVED this gadget. Great product!

  19. Great interactive experience! review by Terri on 4/13/2012

    Our preschool class loved this! We had been making circuits with our snap circuit set so they under stand that electricity moves in a circle. What fun we had joining our hands and becoming a "living" circuit of friends. The stick been dropped numerous times and is still functioning! Thanks for a quality hands on science experience.

  20. Teaching circuits? Yes! Instilling the scientific process? Absolutely! review by Ellen Peterson on 3/17/2012

    It took my 6th graders about 15 seconds to realize that they were completing a circuit but then they went on to try to figure out which objects were conductors and which ones were insulators (in fact, that's their language, not mine!)! From there, they tried to figure out how many people the circuit could handle before the electricity wouldn't travel anymore. This "toy" did more for advancing their knowledge of the scientific method than I could have done in a lecture, for sure! My only "problem" is that the batteries are not replaceable.

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