Energy Stick®

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  • Recipient of a new Guinness World Record and Best Toy at the New York Toy Fair 2015
  • Use the Energy Stick to turn your body into a human conductor of electricity
  • Explore the science of electricity and circuits
  • It’s completely safe, and it’s a totally cool way to learn about conductors of electricity
Energy Stick- 10-pack
Energy Stick- 20-pack

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Giant Energy Stick
Energy Stick Science Set
Energy Stick Conductor

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Energy Stick
  • Learn about conductors of electricity with our Energy Stick® toy
  • Hands-on STEM learning toy for kids
  • Independent or group activity for classrooms or home
Energy Stick

The Steve Spangler Science Energy Stick®

With our exclusive Energy Stick, you can turn your body into a human conductor of electricity. Our award-winning, hands-on approach to the exploration of electricity and circuits is both a  science experiment and a must-have STEM learning toy made for any home or classroom. Discover for yourself why the Steve Spangler Energy Stick is a critically acclaimed STEM learning toy that combines scientific exploration with unforgettable fun.

Explore Electricity With the Energy Stick

In most developed countries, electricity is found everywhere and is a vital part of everyday life. For that reason, it’s essential for kids not to overlook its importance. With the Steve Spangler Science Energy Stick, children will learn about electricity as the science comes to life in the palms of their hands. Our Energy Stick toy is a great device for teaching kids about this vital component of everyday living, as well as how to use electricity safely.

How Do Energy Sticks Work?

Our highly popular Energy Stick toy comes complete with an activity guide that teaches young scientists about open and closed circuits, conductors and insulators. Children will also begin to learn the fundamentals about how electrodes work. With electrodes on each end of this 7.5-inch conductor stick, children simply place one hand on each end to complete the circuit, emitting sound and fun flashing lights. Any kid will get a kick out of the Energy Stick, which makes it a great educational toy to learn about science.. The Energy Stick’s high-quality sensing circuit is so sensitive that it can detect even the smallest amounts of electricity that travel across the skin. The Energy Stick is not only a cool way to introduce kids to conductors, but it’s completely safe and makes for a fun STEM learning toy.

Energy Sticks Make Great Group Activities

Gather up an entire class, a youth group or a party to hold hands in a circle. Have one participant hold one electrode of the Steve Spangler Energy Stick and the person next to him or her hold the other electrode. If everyone in the circle is holding hands, the Energy Stick will do its magic. As soon as someone breaks the circle, it will stop. Our Energy Stick science experiment comes with everything you need to create a memorable, hands-on experience that kids will remember for years. Discover all of the different ways that your students, youth group or party can form and break electrical circuits with the Energy Stick. Let kids’ imaginations run wild and troubleshoot different circuit shapes and patterns. Regardless of what they choose, when a circuit is formed, the Steve Spangler Energy Stick will come alive with sound and flashing lights. It’s a thrilling way to encourage them to explore both their scientific minds and creativity.

Explore All of Steve Spangler Science Kits and Experiments

Don’t miss our other all-in-one STEM science kits that explore the world around us in big ways with the signature Steve Spangler Science wow factor. From science fair experiments to after-school activities and STEM club gatherings, we have the best products that will inspire your budding scientists and get them excited about STEM subjects. Our award-winning Energy Stick is just the beginning of scientific discovery for your young, inquisitive minds.

Energy Stick

Try the Energy Stick With Friends

Everyone will want to gather around for this. Invite your circle of friends or classmates to join in on the fun by holding hands and forming a large chain to truly test their conductivity.

Energy Stick

Introduce Circuits With the Activity Guide

Now you can introduce electricity with ease – the included Energy Stick activity guide teaches young scientists about complex subjects such as open and closed circuits, as well as conductors and insulators.

Energy Stick

Test Different Conductors With Energy Stick Experiments

Grab a partner and test different materials to see what conducts electricity the best. Try a spoon, a bowl of water or even a slice of pizza. Since the sensing circuit is highly sensitive, students can easily observe what happens and practice for future careers as scientists. If your Energy Stick experiment sparks even a little more interest in STEM, then it was surely worth the effort.

Steve Spangler Science Energy Stick: What’s Included?

  • 1 individually packaged Energy Stick
  • Activity Guide

Energy Stick Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Energy Stick?

An Energy Stick is a STEM learning toy that combines fun and excitement with a scientific lesson about the nature of electricity and conductors. It’s a great educational gift for budding young minds or a fun tool for classroom science lessons. 

How Do You Use an Energy Stick?

Energy Sticks can be used in solo or group experiments. Simply touch both ends of an energy stick to complete a circuit, and the energy stick should light up and emit sounds. For group activities, form a circle where everyone holds hands. Then, pick two people to hold either end of the Energy Stick. When the circuit is complete, the Energy Stick should activate. 

Are Energy Sticks Safe?

Yes, Energy Sticks are a completely safe way for children to learn about the nature of electricity. They emit very little power, and they are at a low enough current that is considered safe.

What Does the Energy Stick Teach?

The Energy Stick and its included activity guide teach students and children about the nature of electricity, open and closed circuits, conductors, and insulators in a way that’s engaging and interactive.

Height19.05 cm (7.5″)
Diameter3.175 cm (1.25″)

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