A Springboard for STEM

At-home science experiments, especially in the age we live in, are a must to keep children engaged and entertained while expanding their young minds. Steve Spangler Science has developed all manner of cool science experiments to accomplish the task of getting kids hyped up about science, while helping adults teach youngsters about the basics of STEM at home. Just add adult supervision.

Unless you’re Victor Frankenstein (no “homemade” monsters, please), chances are your home isn’t brimming over with test tubes, beakers, chemicals and science-related paraphernalia. Because your abode, castle, cave or hut isn’t a science lab, Steve Spangler Science has created a catalog of educational products to simplify the setting up of (and cleanup) of easy home science experiments — which should make your home life easier as well. After the STEM-learning fun is over for the day, you don’t want your house to look like a mad scientist’s workshop.


Cool Science Experiments

So why do we emphasize the word “cool” when it comes to easy at-home science experiments? The answer is simple: if the at-home science kits you’ve set up aren’t “cool” in the eyes of your children, they’ll lose interest. The goal is to keep youngsters engrossed in whatever science experiments you’ve got bubbling, foaming or crystalizing. Cool experiments help foster and encourage the learning and discovery process.

Teach tots, primary-aged kids and teens about gravity, inertia, kinetic and potential energy, plus a whole lot more with our fun home science kits. We’ve even tossed in some art-and-science hybrid projects as well, helping you transform your children’s STEM educational journeys into STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) activities.

Inspire young, curious minds and the imaginative impulse to create with our easy home science and art experiments, which we know kids around the world will love and enjoy.