Palm Pipes

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  • 1 set of 8 palm pipes
  • Create music by tapping the pipe in the palm of your hand. Amazing!
  • Learn how to create vibrations that you hear as music
  • Discover that the different lengths of pipe create different lengths of sound waves

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Music and Sound Experiment for Kids

Product Description

Create music on your own palm! Just pound your chosen palm pipe into the center of your hand to create an amazing tone! Eight music pipes, each with a different color and length, create eight different notes (C,D,E, F,G,A,B,C).

You’re on your way to forming a palm pipe band!

Recommended for children ages 4 and up.

What’s Included?

  • 1 Set
    • 8 color-coded Palm Pipes
    • Instruction Cards

A Colorful Orchestra of Notes

Stimulate a child’s interest in making musical sounds with the set of Palm Pipes from Steve Spangler Science. Each one of these colorful music pipes sounds a specific note when tapped against the palm of the hand, and the entire set covers one scale of notes, starting at C and then ending at C an octave higher. There’s a different color for each note, and every one of the musical pipes is of a different length. Children age four and up can observe that the notes change with pipe length, and a group of children can create a fun activity by giving each child a different note to sound. So, not only does the set of Palm Pipes teach children about the production of sound, but it also encourages them to learn cooperation with one another in a group activity.

  • 1 Set
    • 8 color-coded Palm Pipes
    • Instruction Cards
  • Number
  • Note
  • Color
  • Length (cm)
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • 1
  • C
  • White
  • 32.77
  • 261.6256
  • 2
  • D
  • Red
  • 29.20
  • 293.6648
  • 3
  • E
  • Orange
  • 26.01
  • 329.6276
  • 4
  • F
  • Yellow
  • 24.55
  • 349.2282
  • 5
  • G
  • Green
  • 21.87
  • 391.9954
  • 6
  • A
  • Blue
  • 19.48
  • 440.0000
  • 7
  • B
  • Purple
  • 17.36
  • 493.8833
  • 8
  • C
  • Black
  • 16.38
  • 523.2511

How Does It Work?

When you pound the colored Palm Pipe into the palm of your hand, it disturbs the air molecules inside the tube. The action of these molecules creates the vibration that becomes the note you hear.

Are these appropriate for early childhood?

Palm Pipes are a great experiment to do with early childhood. When you tap the different pipes and let them hear the difference, it is stimulating one of their 5 senses and you can work from there.

How are they different from Boomwhackers?

The Palm Pipes need to be hit against the palm to make the different sounds as opposed to the Boomwhackers, which can be hit against anything. Palm Pipes are also a lot more manageable because of their size.

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  1. One person found this helpful

    family fun


    Originally bought these for stocking stuffers (5 sets). The college kid came home for Thanksgiving and I decided to take 2 sets to the family dinner. Everyone got a pipe and it was great fun and quite humorous sitting around trying to get everyone to play when suppose to. So easy to use, everyone one from very young to elderly could participate.

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  2. One person found this helpful

    Great for involving students with the musicality of science!! Very engaging.


    Although I had made a few sets of my own, the color coded sets were very helpful to the non-band students who had little or no concept of notes. All were engaged. Students held a concert with the pipes – each group performing a simple tune – a few even wrote original tunes- for the class to enjoy. This is a terrific way to support understanding of sound waves, how we hear, the EMspectrum, and music in the classroom.

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  3. Nicole

    Love it

    Nicole (verified owner)

    What a fun thing to keep kids engaged! Love it. Plus it is educatuonal

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