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There’s a reason why air-based experiments are so popular at science fairs. Air gives us an exciting jumping off point for experiments that encompass all kinds of different scientific studies, including physical science, chemistry and weather. With air, there are many opportunities to see how the scientific world affects our everyday life. Whether you’ve always been interested in the properties of air or just want to share your love of science with the next generation, Steve Spangler Science has a great selection of air products to choose from.


  • All About Air Science SetAll About Air Science Set

    All About Air™ Science Kit

  • Balloon Powered Helicopter 4 Pack

    Balloon Powered Helicopter 4 Pack

  • Boo Bubbles - Dry Ice Smoke BubblesBoo Bubbles - Dry Ice Smoke Bubbles

    Boo Bubbles™ – Dry Ice Smoke Bubbles

  • Bubble GlovesBubble Gloves

    Bubble Gloves

  • At Home Science - Bouncing Bubbles

    Deluxe Bouncing Bubble Kit

  • Extreme Bubble Solution ConcentrateExtreme Bubble Solution Concentrate

    Extreme Bubble Solution Concentrate

  • Fire Bubbles and Exploding ToothpasteFire Bubbles & Exploding Toothpaste

    Fire Bubbles & Exploding Toothpaste

    $5.99 Sale!
  • Pearl Swirl Rheoscopic ConcentratePearl Swirl Rheoscopic Concentrate

    Pearl Swirl Rheoscopic Concentrate

  • Air Classroom BundleAir Classroom Bundle

    Solar and Air Classroom Bundle

  • Solar BagsSolar Bags

    Solar Bag Balloon Science Experiment

  • Spring Science BundleSpring Science Bundle

    Spring Science Bundle

  • STEM Camp

    STEM Camp (5 Complete Kits)

    $140.20 Sale!
  • STEM Science Kit: Bundle of 4STEM Science Kit Bundle – 4 pack

    STEM Science Kit Bundle – (4-pack)

    $99.99 Sale!
  • STEM Science Kit - Bundle BSTEM Science Kit Bundle – 3 pack

    STEM Science Kit Bundle – Teacher Favorites (3-pack)

    $84.12 Sale!
  • STEM Science Kit - BubblologySTEM Science Kit - Bubblology

    STEM Science Kit: Bubblology Science Kit


Air Experiments and Products for Kids

In our All About Air collection, you’ll find a fantastic collection of air-themed experiments that will spark young scientists’ imaginations. Each activity and experiment provides children with a hands-on experience that directly showcases the principles of air. Learn about air pressure with our Balloon-Powered Helicopter, see the effect of solar energy with our Solar Bag or experience Boyle’s Law firsthand with our Potato Launcher. Make your own clouds and learn about atmospheric changes in pressure on a much smaller scale with our Cloud in a Bottle. Each one of these hands-on experiments takes air to the next level, providing memorable lessons that will stay with kids long after the experiment has ended.

With so many exciting experiments and activities to choose from, learning will never get dull. Plus, all of our products come with everything you need, from materials to instructions, so these one-of-a-kind experiments are easy to plan. If you have a science fair coming up, many of our projects and activities can easily be turned into a science fair projects, too. You can check out our experiment library for more hands-on fun with science.

25 Years of the Wow Factor

With over 350 products to choose from, Steve Spangler Science is on a mission to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. For over 25 years, Steve Spangler Science has made learning about and experiencing science fun, so it’s accessible to kids from all walks of life. With each product, we aim to create memories and to incite oohs and ahhs by providing hands-on resources, toys and challenges that keep them asking questions and seeking answers. With our traveling science show and our YouTube channel, we’ve created some truly unforgettable learning experiences with the signature Steve Spangler Science wow factor.

Looking for more science projects and activities or easy science projects for elementary students? Don’t miss our other Steve Spangler Science kits, lab supplies and science fair ideas and more. At Steve Spangler Science, we make it easy to get the next generation of scientists interested in learning about the world around them. Start with our All About Air products and see where curiosity takes you.

Adult supervision required.