STEM Science Kit Bundle – (4-pack)

4 STEM Science Kits – 1 Awesome Bundle!

  • 27 Experiments included!
  • Learn about what shapes a bubble, even making your very own square bubble with the Bubblology Science Kit
  • Uncover the secrets behind magic tricks with the Water Science Kit
  • Experiment with motion, momentum, and beads that defy gravity with the Newton’s Antics Science Kit
  • Discover how to use differences in air pressure to help you build an air-filled sculpture, lift a heavy object and so much more with the Power of Air Kit
  • All kits are easy and safe to use! Adult supervision is required.
  • Bundle includes: Bubblology Science Kit, Water Science Kit, Newton’s Antics Science Kit and Power of Air Science Kit
  • All these kits comes with the essential materials you’ll need to conduct many experiments, take-it-further activities and challenges for 1 – 4 children per kit

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