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Halloween Science Activities For Parties & More

Release your inner mad scientist to create the best Halloween party ever!

Release your inner mad scientist to create the best Halloween party ever!

Halloween Science Activities and Experiment Ideas

Give ‘em pumpkin to talk about with our Halloween science activity ideas. Release your inner mad scientist to create the best Halloween science-themed party ever!

Looking for some great children’s Halloween party activities? Dying to have fun and want some great Halloween science ideas? It’s Steve Spangler Science to the rescue with some DIY Halloween activities for kids and info to make it a party to remember! 

We’ve got the best recipes, Halloween science activities and step-by-step instructions so you can “creep” it real this Halloween season. How about mixing up a batch of gross slime or a bubbling dry ice potion? Want a “fang”-tastic, spooky party with some creepy atmospheric lighting and some glow-in-the dark fun? Turn off the lights and watch our Atomic Slime and Atomic Slime glowing worms glow. Or, write your very own hidden messages and make scary Halloween sounds.

Yep, Halloween is the perfect time for oozing, bubbling and slimy mixtures. It’s also the perfect opportunity to have some Halloween science activity party fun. This is the place to be for great DIY Halloween info, as well as children’s party ideas and Halloween science experiments for elementary students. Whether you’re at home or in school, “Spook”-tober is a great month to learn and to have a blast with these memorable Steve Spangler Science experiments. We have all the Halloween chemistry supplies and info you will need to have the best party on the block. Halloween is a wonderful excuse to fill that cooler with dry ice and to get ready for a day filled with “ooze” and ahhhs. This Halloween is gonna be great — we can feel it in our bones! 

Halloween Science Activities

Experiment Materials


Dry Ice Activities


How to Use Dry Ice – Fun Science Ideas

Halloween is the perfect time for oozing, bubbling and eye-catching science. If you love to perform science demonstrations, Halloween is a wonderful excuse to fill that cooler with dry ice and get ready for a fun-filled day filled with “ooze” and ahhhs! Check out our dry ice demonstrations and instructions to create a spook-tacular Halloween. This spooky science experiment is tailored to create the perfect, foggy atmosphere for your party in the classroom or at home.

Check out our dry ice instructions and experiments here.

Boo Bubbles


How to  Make Boo Bubbles – Fog Bursting Bubbles

Bubbles are cool, but bubbles filled with smoke are even cooler! Just imagine the skyrocketing cool factor when you can bounce and play with these bubbles, too. Steve Spangler Science’s famous Boo Bubbles are what you get when you fill a bubble with a carbon dioxide cloud using a cloud bubble generator (that we’ll show you how to make). We saved the best for last: you’ll also learn how to roll and bounce the bubbles in your hands. Whoa! It’s the combination of science AND performance art.

With this Halloween experiment, you’ll be able to test your skills and show off your moves. It’s a great Halloween activity for kids who love to dance, play, juggle, or get their energy out with bubbles that bounce!

Check out the Boo Bubbles how-to instructions and experiment here.


The Famous Exploding Pumpkin Science Experiment and Instructions

Just consider it a new way to carve a pumpkin at Halloween. In this Halloween science activity, your pumpkin is carved in the traditional way. However, this pumpkin science experiment has a twist: a chemical reaction is triggered inside the pumpkin, and those previously carved pieces are literally blown out of the pumpkin. Boo-yah!

For this pumpkin science experiment, it’s best to have a trained professional set up and run this lab. Even with a professional, it’s also advisable to have safety personnel available for the duration of the pumpkin experiment. We want to make sure everyone has a safe and fun Halloween party.

Check out our Exploding Pumpkin experiment here!


Oozing Pumpkin Science Experiment

Have a “gourd” time on Halloween with our Oozing Pumpkin Halloween science activity that is guaranteed to get them talking. This is an awesome new Halloween twist on our kid-friendly Elephant’s Toothpaste experiment. In this Halloween-themed application, you’ll have some awesome foaming ooze seeping from the face of your jack-o’-lantern — as well as squeals of excitement coming from the faces of your audience.

This Halloween activity for kids can create a mess, so take precaution beforehand in dressing up your classroom or other space with something to catch the ooze. Consider adding some food coloring to this pumpkin experiment to give your “ooze” a glow, or make this in a jar for a bubbling wizard’s brew!

Check out our Oozing Pumpkin Halloween science activity here!

Fake Blood


Fake Blood Recipes

Science Halloween experiments and parties just wouldn’t be the same without a few gallons of fake blood. There are tons of fake blood recipes floating around, but the biggest complaint is that the fake blood looks nothing like real blood. Here is a Halloween science activity that is guaranteed to make realistic-looking fake blood. However, any good scientist knows that it takes a bit of experimentation to create something that’s just your (blood) type!

With our fake blood Halloween science activity, we break down the different ways that you can concoct your own. Some of our fake blood recipes are made with edible products, which makes them safe to drip from mouths. Included in our fake blood Halloween experiment is also a recipe that involves chocolate syrup — just like in old-fashioned monster movies!

Check out our Fake Blood Science Experiment and how-to instructions here.

Halloween Decorating Kit


Halloween Science Party Kit

Collect all of our favorite Halloween experiments in one easy-to-use kit with our Halloween Science Party Kit. This kit collects 13 spooky science experiments that will make your classroom or home the ultimate Halloween party. Using our hands-on science favorites like Jelly Marbles and Water Jelly Crystals, it’s easy to set up your own mad scientist laboratory that’s filled with bubbling test tube potions, graduated cylinders filled with glowing liquids, ghost eggs and more.

Check out our Halloween Science Party for some great ideas!

Ghost Science Kit


Ghost Science Kit: Vanishing Ghost Poop

Ghost poop? EW! But if it’s for science, we’ll give it a try. When you experience how quickly ghost poop vanishes in plain ol’ water, you won’t be surprised that people can’t see these ghastly goodies. If you really want to play and experiment with it, we’ve gathered a whole bunch of spooky dookie, just for you! 

Our Vanishing Ghost Poop is just one of three haunting Halloween activities for kids in our Ghost Science Kit. Other Halloween science activities include Disappearing Ghost Eggs and Atomic Glow, all of which can provide hours of fun at your next Halloween bash! Try out the Ghost Science Kit from Steve Spangler Science, and be amazed at how much fun your kids will have learning about superabsorbent polymers and glowing dye.

Check out our Ghost Science Kit here!

Slime Glow in the Dark


Halloween Slime

You’ll be mummy of the year with this Slime Halloween activity. Whether you’re looking to gross out people with slime you can eat, wanting some great Vampire Slime how-tos, or if you’re looking for a glowing ooze for an alien-themed Halloween, we’ve got you covered. Some sort of slimy, oozing substance at your Halloween party is a must-have. We’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to make this easy-to-mix slime that’s fun for all. It’s the best around!

Our slime art Halloween science activities are available in six vibrant colors that won’t stain your hands! Put a blacklight to our slime, and you’ll see that our spooky science experiment formula glows! Our slime art set is one Halloween chemistry idea your kids won’t want to miss!

Click here for our famous Steve Spangler’s Slime Art!


Glow in the dark activities


Make It Glow!

Halloween is all about spooky, creepy things that lurk in the dark. There’s nothing better than turning off the lights and bringing out glowing, mysterious, and slimy materials to touch and watch. The kids will ooh and ahh! Whether you are planning a Halloween party, looking for unique Halloween decorations, or just wanting to have some fun with your own kids at home, here are some glowing activities you can perform.

Check out our Glow Powder here! 


Atomic Slime

Our tried and true Atomic Slime is a Halloween science activity that improves upon our normal slime formula — just in time for spooky season! This slime formula includes a special fluorescent ingredient that gives it an eerie glow. Turn off the lights during your kid-friendly party, and watch as this Halloween experiment lights up the room!

Check out our Atomic Slime here!


Glowing Pumpkin Experiment

If you’re a fan of Steve Spangler Science, you know that we love our Exploding Pumpkin experiment. We’ve also found that glowing pumpkins can be just as fun! Just add our Glow Powder to your Halloween pumpkins, and you’ll get a spooky Halloween display — without all the mess of carving.

Decorate your pumpkin with our Glow Powder in all sorts of crazy designs for an eye-catching display that you can decorate your front porch with. This pumpkin science experiment truly elevates the classic jack-o’-lantern appeal.

Check out our Glowing Pumpkins Science Experiment here! 

Vampire Science Kit


Vampire Slime Kit

Our vampire Halloween science activity features a new color-changing recipe that contains a special, light-sensitive ingredient. Turn our famous gooey slime and vampire veins from an eerie green to blood red as you reveal a vampire’s favorite snack. The secret? It’s a special dye that looks green under normal light and glows an eerie color under black light. It then turns blood red when you hold it up to ordinary white light. Wow!

You’ll receive all the supplies needed to make 24 shaker cups filled with Vampire Slime. It’s the most original take-home party favor you’ve ever seen. You’ll also learn how to make color-changing vampire veins that are guaranteed to make your guests scream with delight. Finally, you’ll learn how to capture a spooky, glowing image on a piece of phosphorescent paper using a battery-powered black light wand.

Check out our Vampire Slime Kit here!


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Need more Halloween science activities to sink your teeth into? Check out our collection of Halloween science experiments. That’s not all! Let your kids explore different science disciplines this season with our collection of STEM Halloween activities. They’re a scary-good time!


Remember these safety rules when using dry ice:

  • Dry ice is not a toy. It is for demonstration purposes only
  • Only use dry ice with adult supervision
  • Always wear safety glasses when handling dry ice. The debris is extremely dangerous to your eyes
  • Dry ice must be handled using gloves or tongs because it will cause severe burns if it comes in contact with your skin
  • Never put dry ice in your mouth
  • Never store dry ice in an airtight container. As the dry ice turns from a solid directly into a gas, the gas will build up and the container will explode. Make sure your container (a Styrofoam chest works well) is ventilated or has a loose-fitting lid
  • Do not store dry ice in a freezer. It will cause your freezer to become too cold and your freezer may shut off. On the other hand, if you lose power for an extended period of time, dry ice is the best way to keep things cold
  • In the unlikely event of a dry ice burn, treat it the same as you would a heat burn. See the doctor if the skin blisters or comes off. Apply antibiotic ointment to prevent infection and bandage mild burns

Where to Purchase Dry Ice

Some grocery stores will sell dry ice to the public (especially around Halloween) for approximately $1.50 per pound. Dry ice is typically sold as flat, square slabs a few inches thick, or as cylinders that are about three inches long and about a half an inch thick. Either size will work fine for your dry ice experiments.

Remember the science when purchasing dry ice: dry ice turns from a solid into a gas in a process called sublimation. In other words, the dry ice in a grocery bag will literally vanish in about a day. The experts tell us that dry ice will sublimate at a rate of five to 10 pounds every 24 hours in a typical Styrofoam chest. Again, it’s best to purchase the dry ice as close to the time you need it as possible. This is the one time when last minute shopping is necessary. If you are planning to perform several dry ice demonstrations, purchase five to 10 pounds.

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