Steve Spangler Science Weather Products for Kids

Weather directly affects our lives, including the plans we make and the clothes we wear. Steve Spangler Science lets you get hands-on with weather, getting young scientists excited about how weather forms through the use of weather products, experiments and kits that are not only educational and informative — they’re fun, too! Our Steve Spangler Science weather products for kids are a great way to create memorable lessons for your home, classroom or after-dinner family time discussions.


Hands-On Weather Experiments, Products and Activities

Steve Spangler Science is your number one resource for science-based products, experiments and science fair ideas. See how the presence of UV light causes a chemical reaction in our Sun Sensitive Paper. Our Solar Bags float and provide hours of outdoor activities and our Cloud in a Bottle provides a small-scale version of atmospheric changes in pressure and demonstrates how water vapor compresses with expanded air pressure. Study kinetic and potential energy with our Tornado Tube and create your very own tornado in a bottle!

Fun Weather Experiments, Lessons and More

Each Steve Spangler Science weather product and kit comes with everything you need to create a fun, learning experience. Each weather product, experiment and hands-on kit comes with activity guides, teaching materials and more information about the science behind these experiments and experiences. From classroom kits and outdoor activities to STEM club experiments, Steve Spangler Science has the weather products and activities that will get your kids excited about how science and the weather works.

Steve Spangler Science: Getting Kids Excited about Science for 25 Years

Don’t miss our other science-related products at Steve Spangler Science. Learn more about the world around us with chemistry products, physics products and experiments for kids. Delve into the natural world of biology, see just how much polymers change when you just add water or how magnetism and gravity keep us grounded to the earth. For more than 25 years, Steve Spangler Science has been a go-to for educators, parents and kid for BIG experiments and BIG lessons that stay with them — long after the lessons are over.

Adult supervision required.