Weather Science Experiments and Activities

Weather directly affects our lives every day, from the plans we make to the clothes we wear. Steve Spangler Science’s products, experiments and kits offer young scientists the chance to learn about weather in a fun, hands-on way, getting them excited about how weather forms. Our memorable weather activities are designed with kids in mind and are a great choice for kids who are curious about how weather forms and the forces behind our favorite weather phenomena.


Hands-On Weather Experiments, Products and Activities

Steve Spangler Science is your number one resource for science-based products, kid-friendly experiments and science fair ideas, including hands-on weather activities. Weather science is made a breeze for young scientists with our special kits and activity ideas. See how the presence of UV light causes a chemical reaction with our Sun Sensitive Paper or order one of our floating Solar Bags for hours of outdoor fun. For curious weather enthusiasts, our Cloud in a Bottle provides a small-scale demonstration of atmospheric changes in pressure, showing how water vapor compresses with expanded air pressure. Study kinetic and potential energy with our Tornado Tube and create your very own tornado in a bottle. From simple kits to full experiments with step-by-step instructions, you’ll find it all at Steve Spangler Science.

Fun Weather Experiments, Lessons and More

All of the products and kits from Steve Spangler Science come with everything you need to create a fun learning experience, so you’ll enjoy less time spent planning and your students will have a blast with a hands-on activity. Each weather product, experiment and hands-on kit comes with activity guides, teaching materials and additional information about the science behind these experiments, so you’ll have everything you need for a complete lesson. From classroom kits and outdoor activities to STEM experiments, Steve Spangler Science has something that is sure to get your kids excited about how weather works. Shop for weather activities for kindergarten students or choose something more challenging for the older kids. Our impressive selection means there’s something for everyone.

Getting Kids Excited About Science for 25 Years

While we’re wild about weather, that’s not all we’re about. Learn more about the world around us with chemistry products and physics experiments for kids. Delve into the natural world of biology, see just how much water polymers can absorb or how magnetism and gravity keep us grounded. For over 25 years, Steve Spangler Science has been a go-to resource for educators, parents and kids for experiments and activities that will stay with young learners long after the lessons are over.

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