Easy At Home Magnet Products: Steve Spangler Science

Why do magnets sometimes push each other away and sometimes pull each other together? How do polarity and attraction affect our world and how strong can magnetism actually be? Is it true that opposites really attract? With our magnetic kits, products and experiments, you’ll be able to give your young scientist everything he or she needs to explore the power of attraction. Each magnetism kit comes with the items they need to replicate and learn more about magnetism in a fun and memorable activity — along with a lesson that will stick with them, long after the activity is over.


Magnet-Themed Kits, Toys, Products and Demonstrations

Explore our selection of magnet-themed kits, experiments and products. Each item makes a fantastic after-school activity, a STEM club activity, a classroom hands-on demonstration or an after-dinner family activity. Pique your child’s curiosity about magnets and inspire their questioning minds with our age-appropriate activities — each with a “wow” factor that is guaranteed to excite. At Steve Spangler Science, we make it big for maximum impact that fosters creativity and inspiration. Whether it is our 10-pack Iron Filing Case that allows your young scientist to create magnetic lines of force or you opt for one of our StoryTime Science™ options that demonstrates magnetism along with an entertaining story, you’ll be guaranteed a fun, memorable experience that they’ll be talking about far into the future.

Steve Spangler Science: Meaningful Connections, Big Fun

At Steve Spangler Science, we’re all about making meaning connections — whether that’s in a classroom setting, at a STEM club or at home. Along with our team of educators, scientists and engineers, we’ve created over 350 products that have one goal in mind: to inspire to the next generation of STEMologists. Along with our magnetic kits, products, experiments and our huge online library of science experiment demonstrations and ideas, you’ll never be without awesome science-themed ideas and activities. For more than 25 years, Steve Spangler Science has been finding unique ways to demonstrate real science with real fun, providing parents and educators with unforgettable learning experiences!