STEM Halloween Activities

  • Boo Bubbles - Dry Ice Smoke BubblesBoo Bubbles - Dry Ice Smoke Bubbles

    Boo Bubbles™ – Dry Ice Smoke Bubbles

  • Glow Powder KitGlow in the Dark Powder

    Glow Powder with Mini Black Light

  • Glitter Bug LotionGlitter Bug Lotion

    Glitter Bug Lotion

  • Ultimate Dry Ice KitThe Ultimate Dry Ice Science Kit

    The Ultimate Dry Ice Science Kit

  • Growing Body Parts Jar – Half Gallon

    Growing Body Parts Jar

  • Halloween Ghost BundleHalloween Ghost Bundle

    Halloween Experiences Classroom Bundle

  • STEM Slime Science BundleSTEM Slime Science Bundle

    STEM Slime Science Bundle


Get Spooky This Season With Our STEM Halloween Activities

Our collection of STEM Halloween Activities is a terrific way to engage children both in the classroom and at home. These Halloween STEM projects use chemistry and other science concepts to foster a learning environment with a ghoulish glow. Your kids will love exploring concepts like the wonders of dry ice with our Boo Bubbles™ and Ultimate Dry Ice Science Kit. These Halloween kits create a spooky, foggy atmosphere befitting the season, and each kit will be a lesson that kids won’t soon forget.

Our Gravi-Goo is a superabsorbent polymer that will literally climb its way out of your child’s cup! It’s one of our spooky Halloween STEM projects that brings a real wow factor to the classroom, mixing magic with science in one unforgettable activity. With our Halloween STEM Ghost Science Kit, kids will wonder as “ghost eggs” and “alien marbles” appear and disappear before their very eyes!

Halloween STEM Projects That Foster Lasting Memories

Our Halloween STEM projects extend beyond those mentioned above. Our collection includes a whole range of kits and Halloween school supplies that will foster an eerie, good time. We believe that teaching is best when it creates lasting memories with fun and exciting projects, and our STEM Halloween activities are no different! Make this Halloween memorable with Halloween school supplies that are scary-good at inspiring young minds.