Leprechauns Strike – Green Water

Color the water green

This is not your ordinary experiment… but parents might call it a social science experiment. Remember, it doesn't take a laboratory to get children to wonder, discover, and explore. Sometimes it just takes a little creativity and a passion for making learning fun. Just imagine what your kids would do if the water from your faucet came out green. Those darn Leprechauns are at it again.

The Leprechauns Strike the Spangler House

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Leprechauns Strike with Green Water

Mischievous leprechauns invade your home and turn the water green.

  1. Place a few coloring tablets in the screen of the faucet. The Fizzy Tints tablets are small coloring tablets used to color the water at bath time. Don’t use Easter egg dye tablets because they stain!
  2. Just unscrew the screen piece from the end of the faucet and dry the screen with a paper towel.
  3. Place a few of the yellow and blue coloring tablets in the reservoir and twist the screen piece back onto the end of the faucet. It’s that simple. When you turn on the water, the tablets dissolve and color the water. Remember it only lasts for a short time before the coloring tablets completely dissolve, and the color is the most vivid during the first few seconds. Be sure to collect a sample in a cup to prove that it really happened!

You can have more fun with the leprechauns and add more evidence of their existence. Leave a pile of green slime on the table. It can be leprechaun tracks or a smushed leprechaun. Sprinkle gold dust or glitter on countertops, strategically place gold and green coins around the house, and don’t forget to leave a glass of green water next to the sink.

Leprechaun Trap

Don’t smash a leprechaun – catch it.



  1. Cut and assemble the PVC pipe and elbows into a cube.
  2. Add a bar across the top to hang your cup from.
  3. Feed a piece of string through a series of eye-hooks.
  4. Attach the big cup to one end of string.
  5. Tie a washer to the other end of the string. Note: Your cup needs to be heavier than the washer, or the trap won't trigger.
  6. Pulling on the washer raises and lowers the cup. The washer is held in place using a plastic cup filled with “liquid gold” for the Leprechaun to drink (hey, I can’t make this stuff up!).
  7. Lifting the cup releases the washer and the big cup falls on the Leprechaun!

The “liquid gold” is just water with a yellow Fizzy Tint tablet. If you secretly add a blue Fizzy Tint to the water, the water turns green. Overnight, your leprechaun can fall into the water and turn it green.