Sick Science! Videos


What's Happening To The Honeybees?

Honeybees do a lot more than make honey! For thousands of years, honeybees have been important for honey, yes, but mostly for the incredible job they do of pollinating flowers and crops. Without the honeybees, there would be no more flowers.…
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MENTOS World Record Video

Here's the video of the latest record. I didn't realize that the guys at Eepybird were involved. Hats off to Stephan and Fritz - nice job! Is there any other video floating around? Teachers have been doing this experiment for several years,…
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Science in Our Heads

Earth Day might be officially over, until next year, but that doesn’t mean we can forget any of the lessons we’ve learned about keeping our planet green, and recycling, and using earth-friendly products, etc. It seems as though styrofoam,…

Shooting Potatoes with Ellen

There's a sneak peek video just posted on the Ellen Show site with the Dancing Fire demo and the last part of the shooting potatoes segment. If you have a second, post a comment on the show site.
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Back from the Ellen Show… She Did It!

Watch Steve's Science Demos on Ellen Ellen hit a science home run! She whipped off the tablecloth, smashed the veggies and popped the pumpkins like a pro. We just returned from the Ellen Show studios in Burbank, California, and I couldn't…
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More Spangler Science on the Ellen Show

I'm honored to have been asked back as a return guest on the Ellen Show on November 1, 2007 for some more science. I received the phone call yesterday from the producer who asked, "I think Ellen would really enjoy that exploding pumpkin demo…

New YouTube Channel for SteveSpanglerScience

We've stuggled with the decision of where to host our science demonstration videos. It really comes down to accessibility and it's tough to beat  So, we uploaded our first round of science demonstration videos on our channel called…

Mentos Slow Motion Video

If you've ever enjoyed wearing a bottle of Diet Coke after dropping in a roll of Mentos, you know that the reaction is immediate. I've always thought that it would be cool if you could slow everything down and really look at the reaction. I…
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Make Fire! Viewer Answers a Challenge

I felt like Tom Hanks in Cast Away as I raised my bundle of tinder and exclaimed, "I made fire!" Several months ago, I mentioned on air that I had never seen anyone who could rub two sticks together and make fire. By the time I stepped off the…

Orchestrated Chaos: A Mentos Tribute to

I was in Talkeetna, Alaska when I received a call from my television producer. "Have you seen the Mentos video yet?" I asked which one she was referring to and she said, "The one with the two guys and 102 bottles of Diet Coke." I quietly snuck…