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Make Fire! Viewer Answers a Challenge

I felt like Tom Hanks in Cast Away as I raised my bundle of tinder and exclaimed, “I made fire!” Several months ago, I mentioned on air that I had never seen anyone who could rub two sticks together and make fire. By the time I stepped off the set, I already had nine emails from people who claimed to be able to start a fire using what is called friction fire. Ford Church, the Founder and CEO of the Cottonwood Institute in Boulder, Colorado wrote the most compelling email (okay, he sent a picture of high school students making fire in one of his survival workshops) and I invited him to be my guest this afternoon on the 9NEWS Four O’Clock Show. Watch the video and you’ll see why this guy trains people all over the country in survival skills – he’s good. Within five minutes of setting out his supplies, he had fire. But he’s an expert… what about me? Ford gave me a quick lesson, showed me the finer point of “bowing”, taught me how to transfer the ember to the tinder and… voila!… I made fire.

Watch the video and learn how to make fire.

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  1. Ted
    Ted says:

    cool! ive never seen that before even though ive read about it and seen it in pictures. you guys probably make it look like its easy to make fire with sticks.


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