New YouTube Channel for SteveSpanglerScience

nfk-1995-5We’ve stuggled with the decision of where to host our science demonstration videos. It really comes down to accessibility and it’s tough to beat YouTube.com  So, we uploaded our first round of science demonstration videos on our channel called www.youtube.com/stevespanglerscience Bradley Mayhew is the keeper of our video archive and he’s pretty excited about loading the channel up with some “classics” as he calls them. Some of the videos are old enough that we would need to find special equipment just to play the videos. Bradley shared a few “classic” clips at yesterday’s staff meeting. “You might be able to guess the year (or decade) of the video just by looking at what Steve is wearing… or his hair style.” If you’re looking for a video editor, Bradley’s position at SteveSpanglerScience.com might just come available tomorrow. Regardless of how old they are, I hope you enjoy our growing science video collection on our new YouTube channel.


nfk-1995-1 nfk-1995-2 nfk-1995-3 nfk-1995-4 nfk-1995-5

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