Orchestrated Chaos: A Mentos Tribute to Eepybird.com

I was in Talkeetna, Alaska when I received a call from my television producer. “Have you seen the Mentos video yet?” I asked which one she was referring to and she said, “The one with the two guys and 102 bottles of Diet Coke.” I quietly snuck out of the hotel room with my laptop – I was on a mission to find a wireless connection. Thirty minutes later (after lots of snooping), I was watching the amazing video by Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz. The first time we did the Mentos Diet Coke experiment on 9NEWS in Denver was March of 2002. We featured variations on the Mentos experiment four other times (different ways to drop the candy into the bottle… warm soda vs. cold soda… brand name vs. generic). But the Eepybird.com video was a stroke of genius.

As a tribute to their video, we gathered a few of our instructors and staff from the Hands-on Science Institute and taught viewers how to make their own trigger device. We filled the back of the SUV with 52 bottles, about 300 Mentos, a cordless drill and a pile of pipe clearners.

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  1. Joe M
    Joe M says:

    OK, so how many people does it take to drill out 52 bottle caps and 300 mentos (in a reasonable amount of time)? And with only one cordless drill!? What Steve won’t do for “must-see TV.”

  2. Don W
    Don W says:

    I’m curious about something. It seems pretty silly to me”¦..but you never know, until you ask an expert. In your soda/mentos “experiment”? What would have happened if you could have gotten the cap back on the bottle before the soda could react with the mentos? Do you think the bottle would have exploded?

    On eepybird, they warn people to “not be stupid and test the limits of the strength of your stomach”? but that sounds a little far-fetched to me. What do YOU think would likely happen if someone chugalugged an entire 2-liter bottle of Diet Pepsi and the ate 13 Mentos? You don’t REALLY think that their stomach would explode, do you? I mean, with all the food someone has in their stomach in the first place, there are probably a lot more nucleation sites in there than any amount of Mentos would have. I’d be more willing to believe that you’d get one heck of a belch.

  3. Brianna
    Brianna says:

    Which diet coke go higher when i put one coke in the refrigarator and one in the sun? I think that the warm one is going to go higher. I’m not for sure.


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