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More Spangler Science on the Ellen Show

Steve Spangler on Ellen Sept 2007I’m honored to have been asked back as a return guest on the Ellen Show on November 1, 2007 for some more science. I received the phone call yesterday from the producer who asked, “I think Ellen would really enjoy that exploding pumpkin demo you do. What do you think?” What do I think? I think Ellen could make any science thing I do funny… and she’ll have a blast with exploding pumpkins (pun intended). We’re working out the final details on all of the experiments and we’re off to Burbank.

Any thoughts on what demos might complement a few exploding pumpkins?

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  1. Karen Lovelace
    Karen Lovelace says:

    Create an adaptation to your density demo with bowling balls and sodas- include a pumpkin. Also the table cloth trick would be appropriate with Thanksgiving coming up.

  2. Deb Wysocki
    Deb Wysocki says:

    Have you seen “genie in a bottle”? 30% hydrogen perioxide in a 2 liter empty soda bottle – add a pinch of manganese dioxide. best catalyst demo I’ve used….

  3. Chris Bergmann
    Chris Bergmann says:

    You gotta throw in some of your dry ice demos for halloween (I like the crystal ball bubble stuff). I also like the table cloth trick for Thangsgiving 🙂 Great Job Steve!

  4. Lisa Marie Mary
    Lisa Marie Mary says:

    I can’t wait to see you on the Ellen show! I’m so glad I found your site and blog – I love them both!!

    My daughter came home with yet another fundraiser today, but, this time I’m glad! Because one of the prizes was ‘carpet socks’ and I just had to google and see what that was, because, they sounded like a lot of fun! And lo and behold, I found Steve Spangler Science!


  5. Melanie Wingerson
    Melanie Wingerson says:

    I had to let you know how wonderful I thought the workshop was in Houston. I was pretty familiar with many of Steve’s experiments but to see him in action was so fun. He really put the fire in me to return to my school and do more. I have tried so many of the experiments from the website and I love it because I can be so successful with my students.
    I will happily return to any workshop Steve has in this area. Thanks for a wonderful, rewarding time.

    Melanie Wingerson

  6. Steve
    Steve says:

    Sarah — Thanks for your kind words. We’ve been working all weekend on the next round of demos for the Ellen Show. If you see a pumpkin on the table… be afraid!


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