NAEYC 2006 – Fizz, Pop, Wow!

It was easy to see that this Steve Spangler session at the NAEYC 2006 Conference was going to be a little different. The stage was filled with the usual Spangler stuff… a vacuum cleaner, eggs, a saw, bowling balls, toilet paper rolls, giant bags, an aquarium of water, a violin bow, plenty of Alka-Seltzer, potatoes, Diet Coke and, of course, Mentos. Even before Bobbi finished the introduction, there were Mentos Geysers erupting and people running!

My thanks to everyone who attended my session at the NAEYC 2006 conference in Atlanta, Georgia. You’ll find links to the experiments and activities that I shared during the session as well as a few favorites that didn’t make it into the list of 20 Cool Science Activities Under $20. Click on the link below to download a PDF of the session handout:

Steve Spangler’s NAEYC 2006 Handout

Here are a few links to featured experiments and activities from the session…

How to Make a Mentos Geyser

Straw Through the Potato

Bouncing Bubble

Vacuum Packed! – Feel the Pressure

Bubbling Lava Lamp

Sound Hose

Screaming Balloon

Sinking Soda Cans

Floating Bowling Balls

Growing Alligator

Egg Drop

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  1. Lucinda Jones
    Lucinda Jones says:

    Not only did I enjoy the workshops and your booth but I am now the coolest aunt. I purchased materials for our classroom as well as for my nieces and nephews. Believe me growing a brain, exploding pop, snow in November, color splash and those way to cool water jelly crystals made a hit with family members from 1 to 52. I will stock up for our next family reunion. Who knew science could be so much fun. Lucinda Jones

  2. Lucinda jones
    Lucinda jones says:

    Rule 1: Make sure everyone in the household knows that you are experimenting. My sister (49 years old, B.S., M.S., M.A., school district director) drank the experiment. “Why the jelly crystals look just like ice. I thought it was ice water.” She called me on the phone because everyone was laughing except for my 69 year old mom who wanted her to go to the emergency room. Lucinda Jones


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