Appearing Egg Trick – Science Magic

Do you want to be a science magician? You need a little know-how and a little practice to impress your audience with the Appearing Egg Trick.

Show your audience a handkerchief and tell them you will make it disappear before their eyes. Stuff the handkerchief into your hand. When it is completely out of sight, unveil that the handkerchief is now … an egg!

Where did the handkerchief go? It’s in your pocket now, of course.

How did you do that? First, poke a hole in a raw egg and blow out the insides. Then carefully make a small hole on one side of the egg. Put the egg in your hand and make sure your fingers cover it. Don’t let your audience see the egg. Put a second, duplicate handkerchief in your pocket.

Carefully stuff the handkerchief into the hidden egg in your hand. When it’s completely inside, turn the egg so the hole is facing you and show it to your amazed audience. Reach into your pocket and pull the handkerchief out.


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