An Amazing Encounter!

In the course of an ordinary day, it’s amazing how many cool people we encounter!  Just last week, I was in Best Buy trading my old cell phone in for a newer model and the guy helping me looked at my Steve Spangler Science shirt and said, “I love that website, and I have a YouTube channel showing people how to do those experiments!”

I looked at his name tag and said, “Wow, Max, you have a YouTube channel about Spangler Science experiments? That’s amazing!”

Here’s his version of Spangler Science’s color changing milk experiment.

Mcexperiment's version of Spangler Science's color changing milk experiment!

Mcexperiment’s amazing version of Spangler Science’s color changing milk experiment!

Max demonstrates many of our experiments on his channel, including our tea bag rocket!  Check out this picture of his version!

Max sets of a tea bag rocket!

Max sets of a tea bag rocket! Amazing!

Click on over to Max’s YouTube channel and subscribe, why don’tcha.  He’s got a way of presenting and explaining our science experiments that’s really quite amazing!  We’re impressed.  We’re always happy and proud when we find people who love our experiments, and Max made us really, really glad and proud!  Thank you for being an amazing person, Max!

If you need to change out your cell phone, go to Best Buy and ask for Max.  He’s awesome.


Jane GoodwinJane Goodwin is a professor of expository writing at Ivy Tech Community College, a hands-on science teacher for College for Kids, a professional speaker and writer, and a social media liaison  for Steve Spangler Science.  She wanted to be a ballerina and an astronaut, but gravity got the better of her.

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