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Last night we gave away several copies of my new book,  Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes on Facebook and Twitter. We had a lot of fun chatting with some amazing teachers, parents and science enthusiasts and asking Steve Spangler Science trivia questions. In all, we gave away over 20 copies of the book. Now here’s your chance to own the book before it becomes available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Greenleaf Book Group gave us 200 advance copies to sell before the September 13th release date. I’ll even sign the books during this special pre-sale time. If you want a book before everyone else gets it, grab one today.


The new book contains easy experiments for the whole family – for science night, homeschooling science activities and science fair experiment ideas.

Here’s what people are already saying about Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes

“Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes totally brings life to science in a fun and very engaging way. The pictures that accompany each experiment help to provide a great step-by-step visual which entices the reader to want to want to jump right in and start experimenting. As a parent, I appreciated and valued so much about this book. I highly recommend this book.” – Lori C. on her blog Lori’s LOLz. Click the link to read the entire review.

“What is most striking about this amazing book is the number and quality of photographs that are included. Sometimes the most difficult thing about performing an experiment or demonstration is not knowing what it looks like as you do it. This book solves that problem!” – Ellen P in Virginia.

“Steve loved the photography WOW and the experiments are well written. I loved the take it further section. It really makes you think out of the box. You did miss one warning though. There should be one “Do NOT read this book while eating. May cause choking do to laughter.” We will recommend this book to everyone we know. It is a must have book for kids and adults who haven’t grown up yet (or those in their second childhood). – Steve & Carissa W. in California

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  1. Susan Kunze
    Susan Kunze says:

    I received this email on Monday about $.99 copies of the book:
    Hey Everyone,
    Below is the plan for the enhanced ebook marketing for Naked Eggs. PLEASE do not share this with anyone yet – we’re finalizing everything today (in other words, no media yet). If you get questions on the phone on Wednesday, Steve’s ebook will work on the iPhone, iPad and an iPod. The 99 cent price will only be good for an hour or so on Wednesday night during our Facebook and Twitter party. I know we’ll get “Kindle” calls, but enhanced books with video can only be seen on Apple products.
    Steve or I will let you know when it is Facebook and Twitter ready to talk about on Wednesday.

    I was checking in to see when/how this will happen. Details, please!


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