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Preparing for Halloween Parties

The temperature is getting cooler and it’s starting to get dark earlier.  Leaves are changing on the trees and pumpkin flavored items are starting to arrive in the super markets.    It’s a great time to drink cider and shop for new science gear. (wink, wink)logoautumnhalloween Yes, it’s officially becoming fall!

What else do we enjoy during the fall?  Oh yeah, that autumnal celebration with door bell ringing, candy comas and ghoulish fun.  That’s right,  it’s time to start preparing for Halloween parties!

SSSLogoBagGhost Halloween is one of my favorite holidays that doesn’t include presents.  Hmmm… I suppose that going trick-or-treating can be considered a form of “gift giving”.  Well, OK… Scratch that, start over. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! It’s actually a favorite for all of us at Steve Spangler Science.  We go out of our way to provide unique, hands-on,  super spine-tingling experiments and kits that will wow your class, family and friends.  If you are in need of  some hauntingly fun Halloween Science, it’s time to check out the website.


If you haven’t logged onto the website for a while, you’ll be excited to know that we have made it even easier to search for Halloween fun.  How is that possible?  Well, it’s all due to our new section called,  The Halloween Party Store! The Halloween Store is packed with some great new features that allow you to choose a kit based on several easy to read options!


Bet you didn’t know that most of the Halloween Science kits at Steve Spangler Science are already sized to accommodate a classroom, did you?   It’s true!  Which also makes our Halloween Science Kits perfect for parties, too!  


Here are a few useful facts about some of our most popular Halloween Products:

  • Vampire Veins, and Heat Sensitive Worms provide enough fun for 25 trick-or-treaters.  (If you’re counting, that’s enough to make around 6 ft of worms for each witch and warlock!)
  • It takes about a week to get your Growing Body Parts to full size, to make sure to allow enough time before your party.
  • Bubble solution gets stronger the longer it sits, so make sure to prep your solution ahead of time for your Boo Bubbles and Crystal Bubbles.
  • The Halloween Experiment Guide is a 22 page,  full color, downloadable guide that is  packed with 15 activities  using both household items, and Spangler created products.
  • Our Halloween Science Party contains enough product for 24 little goblins and has over a dozen activities packed into one box!

Halloween Science Experiment Guide

Experiments can take just a few minutes, or can span an entire class session, so a little more information may be needed to assist you in finding the perfect kit for your class and budget.  But don’t let that scare you! Our knowledgable and creative Customer Service Team is ready to help! Simply call 800-223-9080 and any one of our friendly representatives can help you to find you some boo-rific hands-on experiments or products that will make your party amazingly spook-tacular!



Joy Gintzler's Bio

Joy Gintzler is a jack of all trades.  Currently a Customer Service Guru and Blogger for Steve Spangler Science.    She mixes cereal without remorse and loves engaging with customers, especially when helping plan events. 


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