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Awesome Halloween Dry Ice Experiments

Halloween is right around the corner and there is nothing better than to mix up some dry ice concoctions for your Halloween party. Grocery stores sell dry ice, especially around this time of the year, so call around or visit the customer service desk in your local grocery store and ask if they carry it. Dry ice is -110 degrees and can burn if it comes in contact with your skin, so plan ahead and bring a cooler and gloves with you to the store. Also keep in mind that you must be over 18 to purchase dry ice.

Dry ice goes from solid to gas in a process called sublimation. It skips the liquid phase. Drop some dry ice in a cylinder filled part way with warm water and listen to the oohs and ahhs. The water burps and bubbles as the dry ice sublimates. It turns into gas and brings water vapor with it creating a fog. Add a few drops of dish soap and let the kids go crazy. The fog bubbles are safe to touch and the kids will ask to do it again and again.

For more ideas on creating spooky Halloween effects with dry ice, visit our Halloween Science page.

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