At Thanksgiving, there’s often more of a crowd at the table, which means, Thanksgiving is the perfect time for some cool table tricks; in other words, it’s Thanksgiving Table Tricks Time.  Yes, it’s that time of year – time to pull out the table tricks and dust them off. Or what if you don’t have a table?

This season, we have a new activity that turns your guests INTO the table!

All these people are laying down, by why aren't they falling? They comprise a human table! | Steve Spangler Science


  1. Set up four chairs in a square. The chairs need to be close enough that a person can lay backwards and have their shoulders rest on another chair.
  2. Have four friends sit in the chairs. The friends need to have their feet on the ground.
  3. Each friend needs to lay backwards, resting their shoulders on the legs of the person behind them.
  4. One by one, remove the chairs from under your friends.
  5. Much to their amazement, your friends remain in their reclined position, despite lacking the support of the chairs.
  6. Before your friends collapse, replace the chairs and let them sit-up. Ta-da!

Make Your Family the Table! Table Trick from Steve Spangler Science

You can even fit a person under the table (or maybe the family dog can hunt for scraps). Can you spot Steve hiding under our people table?

For more on the science behind this trick, visit the Human Table Trick experiment page.

Table Tricks Activity Guide downloadable pdf $4.99 | Steve Spangler Science

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