Bullying makes the news almost every week. It exists in schools, sports fields, playground and online. We’ve also recently learned bullying is also present in professional organizations like the NFL. Children who are bullied tend to withdraw and suffer emotional scars. In extreme cases, some become so desperate, they take their own lives.

Steve sat down with professional speaker and certified professional coach Laurie Flasko to talk about bullying and what we can do as parents and teachers to put a stop to it.

In her book, Bullying Is Not a Game, A Parents’ Survival Guide, Flasko shares advice and tips for parents on how to help their child get through bullying and survive.

If you aren’t sure if your child is being bullied, watch for some telltale signs like a change in their personality. Are they suddenly secretive and withdrawn? Do they hide their email and online activity? Have their friends stopped coming over?

Bullying is Not a Game - A Parents' Survival Guide by Laurie Flasko

Children who are being bullied may be afraid and don’t want to talk to their teachers or parents. You may need to reach out to your child and help them feel secure in talking to you. But don’t drill them. Then talk to the teacher and school about next steps.

For teachers, Flasko says their relationship is very important. Know your students and watch them for sudden personality changes or behavior. A good student who stops turning in homework or falls behind quickly may be a sign. When you see something or after a student comes to you about a bullying event, address it quickly and keep the informer anonymous.

Do not bring the two kids together unless the bully wants to apologize and the bullied child is okay with sitting down.

For more tips, support and help, sign up for Flasko’s Bully Tip of the Week.

Here are some additional resources for bullying help –

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