Give the Gift of Learning this Holiday Season – Top 12 Educational Toys

Tis the season for turkey and trimmings, cornucopias and pumpkin pie and gift guides, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

To celebrate the season of giving, Steve Spangler Science has compiled our list of the top 12 educational toys to give this season.

Do you hate spending hours after the gifts are unwrapped undoing a million twist ties, rubber bands and tape to liberate treasures from their packaging? Do your kids really need another toy that flashes lights and plays “music” at a deafening level at all times of the day and night?

Do you have a young scientist in your life? Encourage their zest for science with these unique, smart and educational gifts that will bring learning to life. They may not even realize they are learning.

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1. Big Bag of Science


This incredible kit is much more than a bag of experiments, it’s an experience. With over 70 different activities using our favorite hands-on materials, it’s no wonder this is our top science gift idea for 2012. Give your young scientist the ultimate hands-on gift with the Big Bag of Science. (View More Details)






2. Geyser Car



We can’t think of any young scientists who don’t love eruptions, cars, and making a mess. The Geyser Car is the only gift that combines all three in a single hands-on science experience. This science gift idea is so much fun, you’ll be on the playground having a blast alongside your kid! (View More Details)







3. Steve Spangler Book Set



Get your kids something that isn’t just a fun science gift for them, but a hands-on science experience the whole family can enjoy. The experiments in the Steve Spangler Book Set are geared towards engaging and encouraging scientific minds. It’s a gift so cool and fun that kids won’t even know they’re learning. (View More Details)






4. Fun Fly Stick Science Kit



Give the gift of magic this holiday season with the Fun Fly Stick Science Kit. Sure, it might not be actual magic, but the science fun that’s possible with this static electricity generator is immeasurable. Young scientists can experiment for hours with this incredible science gift idea. (View More Details)






5. Zero Blaster Smoke Ring Launcher



Blast away at any target with the Zero Blaster, a vapor ring-launcher that fires smoke rings up to 12 feet. This smart toy shoots harmless rings that make this gift fun and safe for everyone. Get multiple Zero Blasters and have a smoke ring battle in your living room! (View More Details)






6. 7 in 1 Solar Transformers Kit


Experience renewable energy and motorized fun in one smart gift idea. With the 7 in 1 Solar Transformers kit, you’re getting five vehicles and two charging stations… all in one kit. Power these transforming vehicles by battery, or by solar power. Energy from the sun means the fun from this gift idea doesn’t have to stop! (View More Details)





7. TK2 Microscope and Biology Kit


The TK2 Microscope and Biology Kit is the perfect science gift idea for kids who love guided exploration. The Biology Kit portion will provide initial ideas, while the TK2 Microscope allows further, independent experimentation with up to 400x magnification! (View More Details)






8. Instant Snow Day


Make your holidays white with snow, regardless of where you are! The Instant Snow Day is a bucket full of our Insta-Snow® powder that, by just adding water, makes over six gallons of faux snow. This amazing polymer makes for a fascinating science gift idea that kids and teachers will enjoy. (View More Details)






9. Chemistry Kit CHEM1000


Remember the first time you got a science kit for the holidays? Us too! There’s no greater experience than becoming a full-fledged scientist with your own lab. The C1000 is the ideal kit and makes the perfect gift, offering unique guidance for that budding scientist in your life. (View More Details)






10. Larry’s Lab – Polymer Science Kit



Just when you think you’re done with Larry’s Lab, this science gift has even more for you to do! With five of our favorite polymer jars and some surprises, young scientists and adults will all have fun exploring the wonders of polymers. It’s the holiday gift that keeps giving. (View More Details)





11. Salt Water Monster Truck


Take your gift ideas off the beaten path with this off-road monster. The Salt Water Monster Truck is a rugged vehicle that is powered using little more than salt water. It’s a great hands-on science gift that teaches young scientists about alternative fuels and problem solving. (View More Details)







12. Fish in a Jiff


If you’re having trouble finding a great gift for a young biologist, try the Fish in a Jiff. This fascinating kit features two different species of water-dwelling animals that you hatch and grow yourself. It’s unique, educational, and amazing. (View More Details)







So this year skip the little plastic figures that come complete with microscopic brushes and purses that get lost under the couch faster than the paper is ripped open. Get all of your shopping done in one place and while in your jammies. Give them the gift of learning.

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