Moms Review Steve Spangler Top 25 Science Toys

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We at Steve Spangler Science love to play and play hard when it comes to the products we sell. Before a science toy can be deemed worthy of a spot on, it must first go through rigorous testing by our staff.

This holiday season, Steve picked the top 25 science toys that promise to be played with after the wrapping paper has all been ripped open.

We put our Top 25 Gift Ideas and our Top 15 Gifts Under $15 to the test this year and asked some of our favorite mom/kid reviewers and bloggers and to try them out. We gave each mom reviewer a set of science toys to review and another to giveaway. If you are looking for an honest review before choosing a winning gift or if you want to win some amazing educational toys, visit these great blogs.

Elementary Spirits

Elementary Spirits

Imagination Soup

Picture 24

Mile High Mamas

Picture 17

Casual Perfectionist:

Picture 14

Scraps of My Geek Life:

Picture 15

Frugal Mom Knows Best:

Frugal Mom Knows Best

My Four Monkeys/ Santa’s Picks 2009

Picture 18

Melissa Caddell

Picture 25


Picture 27

5 replies
  1. A Science Teacher
    A Science Teacher says:

    While the items sold on the Steve Spangler website are certainly cool. Having to deal with their customer service is anything but…I received an order that was missing a part. I sent off an email and four days later still had gotten no response. Called Customer Service and spent the next 15 minutes being grilled on the condition of the box, being treated like I was an idiot and being put on hold with possibly the most irritating soundtrack ever. Though I love their products, it will be a LONG time before I EVER order from Steve Spangler or recommend it to anyone else! They need some work!!!

    • Susan Wells
      Susan Wells says:

      Oh no! This is not at all what we want hear. I am so sorry that this is the experience you had with us. Our reason for asking those questions was just to see where the problem came from, if we shipped a bad box or if something happened during shipping. We did not doubt that the item was missing, rather we wanted to see how we could prevent similar problems from happening in the future to other customers by determining what caused your axles to be missing. I am so sorry you felt our questions came across rude.

      Your replacement components have already been shipped to you as well as a free gift for the inconvenience. Again I am so sorry you had such a negative experience with us. Hopefully you’ll order with us again and give us another chance to WOW! you.

      OH, thank you for the feedback on our hold music. We get a lot of feedback from customers who enjoy it, and in fact we have a couple of people who call in every month just to be put on hold for a laugh, sorry it didn’t brighten the mood yesterday.

  2. A Science Teacher
    A Science Teacher says:

    The bottom line is that I first emailed in my request and got no response. I then called with what seemed to me to be a simple request…may I have my missing parts. The simple (logical) response would have been to apologize and assure me that they would be mailed out immediately, not given 15 minutes of grief.

    • Susan Wells
      Susan Wells says:

      Hi Anne – We are very sorry for your bad experience with our company. Again, I want to reiterate that we ask the questions about the product, not to question your honesty, but instead to have a place to track where the problem is coming from. We do not want to continue to ship product with missing parts and want to find the source of the problem so we can resolve it quickly. Our customer service team prides themselves in professional, high quality service. We have tried to follow up with you via email and phone calls. Your email has bounced all of our email attempts to contact you. We have also tried to follow up several times with a phone call to make sure you received your replacement package and the phone number we have for you is disconnected. Our customer service team wants to ensure that they take great care of you. Please call us at 1-800-223-9080.


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