Can a Vampire See Itself in the Mirror?

One of our Facebook friends, Heather Kaiser, recently shared a very cool way to use our new Vampire Slime during a party, in the classroom or anytime you want to create a spooky activity.

Vampire Slime is a brand-new concoction from Steve Spangler Science. The unique green slime shimmers and shines red when put in the light. Is it a vampire in disguise or just some gloppy goo?

Heather is an elementary STEM lab teacher in North Carolina who put this question to the test. Hold the slime up to a mirror in the dark. Shine a flashlight on it from behind. The slime turns red and the vampire appears. Or does it? Look in the mirror and the slime is still green.

Everyone knows vampires can’t see their reflection in a mirror!

A special thank you to Heather for sharing this very cool activity.


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  1. Heather Kaiser
    Heather Kaiser says:

    Wow! I wasn’t expecting to see this in the blog. I figured for sure this was something you’d already done with it. It was the first thing my kids thought of. Thanks for sharing! You managed to get a much better picture of it than I did. Super cool stuff!


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