All New Halloween Sick Science! Experiments Coming in October

October blows in next week. With it comes our favorite science holiday. To celebrate Halloween season, our Sick Science! team has created new experiments and activities sure to add some spooky science to Halloween parties, haunted houses and classrooms. Here’s a sneak peek – glowing pumpkins, dancing glow in the dark lights,

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In the meantime, visit our Halloween science page to find all of the latest and greatest Halloween science toys to light up the night, decorate a haunted house, excite a classroom full of children and so much more. Don’t miss our new science kits, like Vampire Slime, Vampire Veins and Color-Changing Insta-Worms.


Slime Factory
Get ready to line them up and run them through the slime factory. Giant pump filled with slime goo comes with mix-ins like Jelly Crystals, styrofoam beads, plastic bugs, glitter and more. Make your own slime potion and take it home in a shaker cup.

Vampire Slime and Vampire Veins
Green goo that turns red in the light. Spooky, cool and extra awesome. Kids will go crazy for these in potion jars or as an activity.


Heat Sensitive Color-Changing Insta-Worms
These worms change color depending on the temperature. Place them in the freezer or ice water or hot water and watch the color go from white to pink or blue.

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