Space Camp Science – Build Your Own PVC Rocket Launcher

Steve just returned from Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. He took the entire Spangler clan, including his three boys and wife for an experience of a lifetime. They participated in Parent-Kid Space Camp. The entire family took turns working in Mission Control and the shuttle simulators.

One of their favorite simulators was the  M.A.T – Multi Access Trainer. It simulates what a tumble spin is like. Mark and Scotty loved rolling around.

If you ever get the chance to go to Space Camp, do it. But you don’t have to travel to Alabama to make your own rockets. You can make a rocket by rolling a piece of paper. Add a piece of clay at the tip and make a little nose shape. Tape it all together and add some wings. Bam! You have a rocket. Don’t forget to paint it and decorate it before launch.

You can also make a launcher out of PVC pipe after a quick trip to Home Depot. NASA graciously shared complete instructions for building the rocket and the PVC launcher – click here to open up step-by-step instructions in a pdf.

The kids at Wilder and Willow Creek do this activity every year. Click over to the experiment to read more about this classroom rocket project.

Steve’s favorite part of Space Camp? He watched his kids wonder and explore while being a dad.

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