Teacher Makes It Snow for Kids in Haiti

Kim Hill, a first grade teacher at Hayes Elementary School in Ada, Oklahoma, brought her love of science to the Cap Haitien Children’s Home in Cap Haitien, Haiti, this past February.

The Cap Haitien Children’s home is a Christian orphanage housing over 60 children. Its mission is to provide a loving and engaging atmosphere to help each child grow to become an educated citizen of Haiti.

Kim traveled to Haiti with her arsenal of science experiments. The first science experiment was polymers and Insta-Snow. When Kim began creating a blizzard on an island where snow is unheard of, the children were in disbelief. It was snowing in Haiti!

As the children mixed water with the white polymer powder, snow grew before their eyes. Discoveries abounded and pretty soon the snow was flying through the air and sprinkled in hair. Who knew you could have a snowball fight in Haiti?

Smiles were everywhere.

Her proud daughter, Carly Hill, shared pictures on Twitter and emailed us saying, “Without the help of Steve Spangler Science these children would have never been able to experience playing with snow. As you look at the pictures you can see that by the glow in their faces this was truly a memorable experience for each child at the Cap Haitien Home. Thank you Steve Spangler for your love of science and the gift of snow in Haiti!”

Thank you to Kim and Carly for sharing your love of science with the world’s children at home and abroad. From the photos, it is obvious you engaged and helped each child at Cap Haitien to flourish and grow. You made learning memorable.

For more information on the Cap Haitien Children’s home please visit the websites:






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