How to Say Thank You to That Special Teacher

By Blog Editor Susan Wells

Every time I help out in the classroom, I am in awe of what my children’s teachers do every day. Not only do they have the responsibility of molding, shaping and educating young minds, but they also must deal with a constant influx of small issues. One child wants to share what they did over the weekend; another lost an earring and their ear hole will close in five minutes if it isn’t located; another is sitting at their desk without a pencil or the ability to locate another; another needs a book;  someone else left their lunch at home; and another is wandering aimlessly around the classroom. Let’s not also forget the meeting at the coat rack about why someone can’t play with the others at recess. And that is just in the first five minutes of the day.

Teachers wipe noses, bandaid boo boos, soothe hurt or upset feelings, go on search and rescue missions, serve as a mediator along with trying to educate young minds.

Even though both my mother and father were teachers, teaching is not in my blood. I know I’d either be huddled in the fetal position by the time the bell rang every day or I’d be crushing fragile souls with “just find it yourself!” I don’t have the patience or stamina to be a teacher.

That’s why I am so appreciative of what my children’s teachers do every day. They should be put on a pedestal and celebrated every day. Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7 – 11th this year. Make sure you honor and thank your children’s teachers for everything they do day in and day out. And don’t forget the other professionals at the school – the art, music and PE teachers, the office staff, school nurse and classroom aides. It’s a big list, but all of these people are helping to prepare your child for the world.

If you are at a loss for how to say thank you, we have a few suggestions beyond the Starbucks cards and body lotion.

Gift Certificates
Teachers spend an average of $2,000 to $3,000 a year out of their own pockets on classroom supplies. A gift certificate to Steve Spangler Science allows the teacher to choose exactly what they need or want for the classroom. You can send them immediately via email or have them delivered to the teacher’s door.

Steve’s Hands-on Science Experiment Books
Your teacher introduced you to thousands of amazing hands-on science experiments this year, so Steve Spangler’s Fire Bubbles and Exploding Toothpaste and Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes books are the perfect gift to say thank you. Both books are filled with a great collection of experiments and are now only $20 for the set.

Beaker Mug
Keep your teacher sipping in style with this scientifically modeled Beaker Mug. This mug, handcrafted from a real beaker, is a must for your favorite science teacher. They’ll never need to worry about someone “borrowing” their mug again. Theirs is the awesome Beaker Mug!

 Tie Dye Lab Coats 
Every year I give my kids’ teachers a lab coat. After several years at the school, it’s fun to see all of the teachers we have touched. So after a fun-filled year with your teacher, show them your appreciation with a Tie Dye Lab Coat. It’s a guaranteed hit and your teacher will love the way they look in their brightly colored lab coat. Safety has never looked quite so good.


These are some big ideas as gifts for the end of the year, but you don’t have to go big to show how much you care during Teacher Appreciation Week. Have your child write a note to their teacher, give them a plant, school supplies or a special treat. For more ideas, visit our Teacher Gifts page or for more crafty ideas and do it yourself ideas, visit our Pinterest Teacher Appreciation category.

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  1. Sherry
    Sherry says:

    I hear science cookies in the shapes of beakers, atoms, test tubes and flasks are pretty awesome gifts too! **wink**


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