The Science of Valentine's Day – Love Potions, Love Meters and Hidden Messages

Are you looking to add a little science into your Valentine’s Day? Have no fear, because the Science Love Doctor is in.

Hand Boiler Love Meter Steve Spangler ScienceLove Meter
Are you hot enough to make the Love Meter boil? Simply grab the meter at the bottom and watch what happens. Is this really measuring your love or is it using your body heat?

The Love Meter is actually called a Hand Boiler. When the gas in the bottom bulb is heated with your hand, the increase in temperature creates an increase in air pressure. This increased pressure pushes the liquid up the tube to the top bulb. When all of the liquid transfers from the bottom bulb, air bubbles are forced up the tube, causing the liquid in the top bulb to appear to “boil.”

Color Changing Flowers
Carnations are the perfect flower to dye. Purchase white carnations then trim their stems. Place in water with a little food coloring and the colored water will travel through the flower and color the petals. You can do this easily yourself at home. If you’d like to magically color flowers, check out our Magic Color-Changing Flower Kit >

Valentines Day Test Tubes Steve Spangler Science

Test Tube Valentines
Tired of sending the same old boring paper Valentines to school? Add a little science in with the paper hearts and give a creative, unique Valentine this year… one the kids can learn from after the party is over. This activity is easier and faster than the time it would take to tape a lollipop on a paper Valentine!

Scientific Test Tube Valentines Experiment >

Hidden Messages – Friction Pens
FriXion Pens by Pilot are perfect to write secret, hidden messages to your loved ones. Write something with the pen on a piece of paper. The ink is erasable with the friction from the eraser. Friction creates heat. If you carefully place the paper above the flame on a candle (have an adult with you for safety), the heat from the burning candle will also make the ink erase. Give the blank piece of paper to your love and suggest they freeze it. When the ink is cold, it will reappear. Very cool!

More on FriXion Pens at Pilot >

Goldenrod Valentines Steve Spangler Science

Color Changing Paper – Goldenrod Valentines
When this paper meets a basic substance it turns bright red… so, why wouldn’t it make the perfect Valentine’s Day experiment? Just add your favorite Valentine shapes to this acid/base experiment and you will end up with the most amazing scientific Valentines you’ve ever seen!

Goldenrod Valentines Experiment >



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