magic tricks



Teaching Student Leadership Lessons Through Needles and Piercings

Stand back and watch as I pull a needle through a balloon without popping it. This trick is a magicians' favorite. They can mystify an audience by putting a needle through a balloon and pulling through a ribbon without popping it. The demonstration…

Appearing Egg Trick – Science Magic

Do you want to be a science magician? You need a little know-how and a little practice to impress your audience with the Appearing Egg Trick. Show your audience a handkerchief and tell them you will make it disappear before their eyes. Stuff…

Mad About Science Magic – Should Magicians Be Responsible for Teaching Science?

Should magic tricks be used as a way to teach science in today's classrooms? This question and about a dozen more were asked of me during an interview for an international magazine for the Society of American Magicians. The author of the article,…