Young Inventors Share Their Ideas

Young problem solving third graders from Wilder Elementary joined me on my weekly television appearance to share their inventions from the annual Invention Convention at their school. Students must identify a problem and come up with a creative solution to solve their problem.

Nicole Fast invented the Piggy Hammock. Her guinea pig, “Piggy” would scratch her arms when picked up. Nicole invented the Piggy Hammock using a bandana to safely pick up the guinea pig while protecting her wrists from sharp nails.

Next up was Maddie Mitchell invented the Doggie Slobber Stopper. Maddie demonstrated how her dog, Barkley makes a wet mess when he drinks from his water bowl. Maddie made a ring of sponges to fit around the bowl to catch the slobber and splashes when Barkley drinks.

Scott Spangler does not like burning his tongue on hot soup, so he created the Spangler Tongue Saver. Using a magnet, he attached a thermometer to a spoon. By placing the spoon into the hot soup, the thermometer tests the temperature of the soup before your tongue ever gets near it. Scott likes his soup at a toasty 153 degrees.

Leah Schill tosses and turns while sleeping in her bed at night. She doesn’t like waking up with the covers on the floor, so she invented Bungee Blankets. The bungees clip to the blankets, fit under the bed and clip to the other side, strapping the sleeper in bed along with their covers.

Elise Chaffin hates changing at the beach. There isn’t any privacy except for the stinky outdoor bathrooms. She invented the Portable Cabana. Using a bandana, a car sun shade and a shower curtain, it unfolds to make a personal stall to change in privacy anywhere. This would also be great at the pool.

After skiing or a really good snowball fight, Mark Spangler struggles to get the inside of his gloves to dry out. He invented the DIY Dryer. Just hang a glove on the end of a PVC pipe, connect a hairdryer to the bottom pipe, turn it on and quickly get dry, warm gloves.

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