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Welcome to the Education Buzz! Spring is finally here, and it’s time to go outside and drop some Mentos into a big bottle of Diet Coke.

Back already? That was AWESOME, wasn’t it? Aren’t you curious about the result of mixing two simple things? Well, aren’t you? Stay tuned. Sometimes all you have to do is be patient and pay attention, and all is made clear. Ask Newton.

You can join a discussion here on our blog about the right age for students to get involved in science fair. Is kindergarten too early? Then read all about a special boot camp that is changing the science fair experience.

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Polski3 presents Slice and Dice, posted at Polski3’s View from Here.

That’s it for this edition of the Education Buzz; I hope nobody was left out.

Many thanks to all the fine educators who contributed to the Buzz; you are appreciated more than you could ever know. When educators share their experience, knowledge, and opinions, the rest of us learn what’s really going on in our children’s schools. It is our opinion that most of what’s going on in our schools is good. We are honored to help highlight the positive things.

As for the Mentos and Diet Coke. . . . There is science behind everything we do at Spangler Science. The fact is, genuine science is cool. It’s amazing. Science learning is a great opportunity to explore, discover and amaze. Visit our experiment library for hundreds of experiments and demonstrations to share with your students.

Here’s the science behind the Mentos and Diet Coke experiment.

The next Education Buzz will be hosted by Bellringers. You can submit your post right HERE.

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  1. Ropes Course Design
    Ropes Course Design says:

    When I was in high school I’m very active during science month and involved in creating programs such as quiz bee, bizarre’s and experiments. Me and my group invent a perfume extracted from the Gumamela flower. We didn’t won on the said contest but we have fun on joining it.


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