Fake Blood Recipes – Blend Up Edible Concoctions in Your Kitchen

When I was growing up, my parents had the best recipe for fake blood. It looked so realistic, they sold it to the movie-makers in Hollywood to be used on their sets. Some of the fake blood seen in the movie Jaws was made in my parent’s home in Denver.

That blood was not edible. This recipe uses 100%  food ingredients so your little vampire or zombie can drink up the leftovers. And it looks real. A big complaint about fake blood is that it doesn’t look like real blood. The key is to experiment and test it on your skin or a towel. Fake blood looks different in the mixing bowl versus on your skin so remember to test it.

So don’t go spend $20 on fake blood in the store. Stay home and make your own. For the best fake blood recipes that you can eat, read the experiment.

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  1. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    I am needing to make fake blood for a school project and I am curious…will this stain fabric. I am needing to put fake blood on a couple of throw pillow, a floor rug, and possibly a loveseat (2 person couch) and I need to know if this recipe will stain the furniture…because I need it to stain the fabric so that it looks more realistic. plz e-mail me as soon as possible.

    many thanks,

  2. Erica
    Erica says:

    This is a great recipe for a short zombie film i want to make!! (now i just need to figure out how to make the food coloring washable)

  3. avela
    avela says:

    im needing to make fake blood for as school project nd i cant find da right one tht my teacher assigned me too!!:)but i think its dis one!!not sure though

  4. Kelsey
    Kelsey says:

    i need to know if it stains your face or not though 🙁 i dont want to go throouhh the trouble of making it just to find out it will stain and i cant use it….

  5. Ashleigh
    Ashleigh says:

    I did make use of one of the recipe’s on the site, which worked out quite nicely. Im a professional make-up artist part time. So here’s my recipe.

    What you will need:

    1 – Crimson Red food colouring
    2 – Green food colouring
    3 – Egg Yellow food colouring
    4 – Cheap Transparent Hair thick hair gel
    5 – Teaspoon
    6 – Small syringe
    7 – Small Plastic container


    1. Take 2 heaped teaspoons of hair gel and put it into the container.
    2. Put a Teaspoon of Crimson Red food colouring into the container, and mix well with the teaspoon.
    3. Use the syringe to suck up some green food colouring, and put 3 drops of green into the mixture, again, mix well.
    4. Clean the syringe with warm water, and suck up some egg yellow food colouring, and add 3 drops to the mixture, mix well.
    5. Finally, add an extra 4 drops of Crimson Red food colouring to get the right “realistic” blood tone you like.

    This recipe is for a blood paste, which doesnt run. What’s great about it is the fact that it doesnt stain the skin because the hair gel has a cleansing agent in it. I have not yet tested it on clothing, but I am guessing it WILL stain material. But as fr the Skin, it’s wonderful compared to other expensive professional blood paste products, and looks extactly the same. For larger quantities, do measurements according to your desired amount.

    Pity i cant attach photos!

    Hope you like it!


  6. Damon LaBeau
    Damon LaBeau says:

    So super random, but I’m trying to fill a tube with fake blood for devious purposes is this edible recipe going to be my best route or do you have any better ideas.


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