Grandma and Grandson Take Mentos to New Heights

I recently received an email from Mimi Sylvia and her grandson Scott. Mimi (she has been called that since her oldest granddaughter tried to say “grandma” and it came out “mimi”) loves to teach science to her 10 grandkids and says she doesn’t plan on growing up herself anytime soon.

Every summer, Mimi Sylvia and her husband travel to Montana to visit their daughter and her family. Mimi Sylvia says they pack their car full of experiments and crafts. She loves to show the kids that science is fun.

Mimi and Scotty tried the Mentos and Diet Coke experiment and WOW did they make a splash. Scotty outdid his two older sisters and brother.

We were so impressed with the photo she sent, that we had to share! Keep aiming high, big guy!

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  1. Yenia
    Yenia says:

    Wow, I have introduced this experiment to our Spanish-speaking homeschool community living in different Spanish-speaking countries around the world. Hope they can enjoy it as much as we did!

    Great job Steve!

  2. adele@potty training girls
    adele@potty training girls says:

    As someone who homeschools her grandkids, I’m always looking for new or interesting ways to make learning fun. Some subjects are easier to do that with than others, of course.

    One concern, my daughter pointed out some videos on Youtube of Mentos / Coke “experiments” and it did not look like such a great idea for very young children.

    That said, thanks for a terrific web site, a lot of inspiration here!



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