Science in the Rockies Day 2

Science in the Rockies Methane MambaWe are settling into our routine and getting to know the amazing teachers from across the country and world who have traveled to Denver to learn how to bring more science into their classrooms.

Day 1 of Science in the Rockies was too fun. We explored the properties of air and even vacuum packed a few teachers for ultimate freshness. We also did glow demos and density activities. A few of the favorite activities was playing with Squidy and Wind Bags, making our own soccer match Vuvuzela’s and smoke rings.

Today began with teachers walking on glass then covered spooky Halloween science, complete with dry ice activities, color science and ended with a potato gun fight.

Day 3 will have a special surprise for the teachers as well as the final jam-packed day of learning.

Are you missing the fun and wish you were here with us? You can follow the learning minute by minute on our Flickr, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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