Spangler's Insta-Snow in Iraq – U.S. Army Confuses Locals

Spangler-Insta-Snow-Iraq-2It’s not supposed to snow in Iraq… but that didn’t stop the 34th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army stationed in Iraq. Shelli Markgraf shared these pictures of her husband’s division making a pile of snow in seconds by adding water to our Insta-Snow® powder. By looking at the additional pictures, you might be lead to believe that this was just a fun activity for our soldiers to pass the time… but you would be wrong.

In fact, the eruption of snow was used as a small scale experiment to see what would happen if millions of pounds of Insta-Snow were dropped from helicopters, instantly mixing with water, erupting into massive mountains of snow, with desert winds whipping the snow into a blizzard-like frenzy. Yes, this would confuse the enemy.

After pondering the idea for a few seconds, someone asked, “Where are we going to find the water in the desert to make the reaction work?” It took exactly 1.3 seconds to completely abandon the blizzard idea, and the soldiers resorted to making snow angels on the surface of the sun.

Spangler-Insta-Snow-Iraq-1 Spangler-Insta-Snow-Iraq-2 Spangler-Insta-Snow-Iraq-3


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  1. Fred Estill
    Fred Estill says:

    Yes it does snow in Iraq. I have a picture of myself with snow all around (3 inches). That was 2004. We even made a snowman! It was amazing how that simple snowfall seemed to if only for a short time change everyone around me. We had snowball fights and just played like kids. It took our minds off the the death and violence that was everywhere around us.
    Three cheers for SNOW!


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